Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a very nice Mother's Day this past weekend. Mike took me out to dinner Saturday night; what a treat to eat without toddler interruptions :)

"Mommy, what's that? I no like onions. Mommy, can I put them on your plate? Mommy, what's *that*?! Mommy I all done!! Can I have my dessert now?!"

It was very pleasant. Yesterday, we all went to Mass together. Hank was earning a solid B+/A- for his performance straight through the Liturgy of the Word. Sometime following the recitation of the Nicene Creed, he announced "I have to go poo!" which was still fine, Mike took him. I would rather that the whole pew didn't have to hear him (and frankly, smell the suspicious odor. I just *knew* something was up), but it wasn't bad, all things considered. However, when he returned, things went downhill quickly. Teddy accompanied us to Mass (can't say the teddy bear is unchurched :) and he became a bit of an instigator. Pretty soon, Teddy was dancing to the hymns and causing Hank to make a squealing noise that I would rather gouge my own eyeballs out than have to ever hear again. When I threatened to take Teddy away if he didn't simmer down, I got the extra loud "I *no want* to be quiet. I NOT be quiet!!" causing the older people around us to frown. We did get him settled enough to remain in the sanctuary, which was good, as opposed to Mother's Days' past.

I remember each and every Mother's Day since I had Hank sucking an unbelievable amount. Oh, let's see. There was year 1, when Hank's sleep the night before was three times worse than even the usual awfulness, and I forgot my mom's card and burst into inconsolable tears in the middle of brunch. Year 2, I've repressed. Last year, we went to a different parish for Mass, and it got so crowded, we were smashed in the middle of a pew. As people kept elbowing their way into the pew, I remember thinking "really? You want to sit right here, in this pew, placing the rambuncious 2 year old right in the center where he can cause the most trouble and can't be removed promptly?" Naturally, such events did come to pass, and we ended up retreating to the rear of the church. Eventually Hank was so bad he had to be taken *outside* by Mike while I stood in the back by myself. Not exactly the Mother's Day church experience of my dreams.

This year, we got through church mostly without incident, getting to be together for the whole service. Bonus. We also made it to brunch, *with* cards in tow, and Hank also didn't cause a scene there. Miracle.

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