Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day weekend approaches...

I don't have any specific to write about today, but I'm going to be off from work (and hence, high speed Internet access) for a 4 day weekend, so I wanted to squeeze a post in :) A new bellydancing session starts on Friday, excited about that. I'll have lots of quality time to spend with Mike and Hank. Hank is requesting to be brought to the mall, with Teddy in tow, so that they can ride the merry go round together, and go on the newly installed race car rides. Remember when those things cost only a quarter? Fifty cents now. Percentage chance that I'll give in to the cherubic Henry on this one? 100%.

I also have a brand new 5 book Amish series that I've just embarked on. Which reminds me, I've starting reviewing some of the books I read this year on LibraryThing. If you're interested in any of my reviews, you can access them through the LibraryThing links on my right navigation area. I'm CatholicLibrarian there too :)

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