Monday, May 4, 2009

Bellydancing calamities...

My weekly bellydancing lessons continue, and I'm now fully invested: I have a costume. It's all very flitty and swirly and soft, which as you can imagine, makes me very happy. It's wine colored, and quite wrinkled, so much steaming is to come. The scary part is that I have to wear it in an upcoming performance. *shudders* But I'll survive. On Friday, we practiced our routine. It's very cute, set to a pop tune called "Bellydance" by Saad. Claire's only critique is that we have to be more "bouncy" and "saucy" in the steps. Right. Well, I'm not saucy. Nor bouncy. So I guess that explains it.

We practiced some steps with our veils this week, which always adds an element of mystery and danger to everything. Veils...get caught on things. And they get underfoot, and they're slippery, so, well, you know. They can also get caught up in ones skirt such that upon arm raising, reveals things to the audience the bellydancer had no intention of so revealing. Ask me how I know this... They downright have minds of their own. And I merely have a chiffon veil. Claire claims that when using silk veils, one "really has to keep track of that thing." Apparently, silk veils have been known to stay afloat for astoundingly unreasonable amounts of time, making dancing life a bit delicate for their owners. Claire always tells us that veils are just like children (and sometimes, men): you think you know them, and that you have them trained, and BAM! They embarrass you in public.

So, we went over this veil move called a "sand storm." For a genetically clumsy person, this sounds like it could end in injury. It consists of arm movements that swoop the veil in front of you, and to your side, making it look all floaty and cool. I kept ending up with my veil in the wrong spot, which is absolutely no surprise. Overall though, I'm coming right along, and quite happy in my intermediate-level class. I adore my classmates, and it's a source of creativity for me, as well as a social outlet, and I love it.

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