Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lenten progress...

I know, it's only been a day. But I'm already falling short :) My meat-less and soda-less (oh Diet Coke, how I miss you!) are going splendidly *halo* but the prayerful resolutions are a bit rougher. Already, I've barely opened my Lent/Easter Season Liturgy of the Hours volume. I forgot yesterday morning, slammed in Evening Prayer before I left work, and then once again forgor Morning Prayer today. I have been reading my devotional each day, which is a yay. But I got so absorbed in my podcast yesterday in the car, I forgot to pray my rosary. I'm hopeless.

But overall it was a pretty good Ash Wednesday. I did get to Mass and receive ashes, even despite having an unruly toddler attached to my hip, and I fasted like a champ. I even lost a pound, bonus.

So far, I've garnered several meat-less recipes that I'm happy with. Last night, I made a multigrain pasta casserole with cheese and broccoli, which came out well. I have a black bean chili recipe I'm going to try in a few weeks. If anyone has any good recipes involving shrimp, let me know :)


  1. Hey Tiff! I make this all the time; we usually leave out the avocado. Franks or Louisiana Red Hot or whatever hot sauce you have on hand is great in this.


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