Friday, February 13, 2009

It's been a long week...

My re-appointment statements are done, and all of the creative energy is completely sucked out of me, hence the reason I haven't done much blogging this week. I have two classes next week, for which I at the moment have zero lesson plans. I was busily compiling stuff for my "supplemental materials" to my re-appointment dossier today, which together with a committee meeting, pretty much consumed the entire day. It's been a bit of an exhausting week.

I met with my directors yesterday to discuss my re-appointment. They were very sweetly enthusiastic with my statements and CV (please God tell me I don't have to revise them). They want me to take on an academic department responsibility, as a library liaison, so that I can foster some faculty relationships, since I need faculty letters for my tenure dossier in a few years. They suggested American Studies, which I have to say, I'm kind of excited about. I'm too tired to examine anything too closely right now, but I think this will be a good fit, and I'm looking forward to pursuing it.

I somehow have to manage to cook dinner, clean up, and get to bellydance class by 6:30, which isn't going to be easy. I'll try to scrape myself up off the floor and manage.

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