Friday, July 31, 2020

Some musings as Anne makes her First Communion...

Hello all, and happy end of July!

*virtual hug*

July is my least favorite month of the year in terms of the heat, so I'm rather looking forward to August. What I'm *not* looking forward to in August is the school re-opening plan nightmare that is already unfolding and that is making me super anxious. But that is a worry for another day. :-0

I'll have another crafty post next week (with some exciting updates; 2nd completed doily and thread size comparison! Completed Steelers socks!) but this week I have 1st Communion on the brain, and thought I would wax reflective a bit. :)

Anne is my baby, and it's hard to believe that this will be my last child with whom to share this sacrament. I can't help but feel chagrined that it's happening during this terrible year that is 2020. There was no mommy and me retreat, no May Crowning at the school afterwards, no rehearsal at the church with the banner displayed that we made together, not even a completion to her preparation alongside her classmates. Even though I know that these things are not more important than receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, I can't help but mourn them. I won't have another opportunity to share any of those things with my own child. This has been a year of emotional losses such as these, and while there are other losses that are much, much worse, these still do incite a sense of sadness.

But I'm grateful that the school found a way, within the current public health mandates, to still offer the mass and sacrament, and to do so relatively quickly. I was fearful that the kids would have to wait until the fall, or perhaps into the next calendar year, before they would be able to receive. And we will have the opportunity for beautiful photographs, and to have Anne's grandparents all there. She'll be attired in her spectacular lace dress and veil, and she picked out sparkly rose gold sandals (there's a definite St. Therese vibe to the get up ;-)). We'll be able to celebrate with our small family group back at our home afterwards, and that is bringing me a lot of comfort. So I'm focusing on those things.

Anne is at an age where "church is boring," and I'm hopeful that receiving the Eucharist will begin to turn her heart towards a more mature (relatively speaking) form of faith. I'm praying about this non-stop, and her recent feast day makes me feel that God will answer this prayer. If you would all pray for her too, especially at noon EDT this Sunday, I would be so obliged!

I'll let you know how it goes next week! Until then, let's move forward into August with hopeful spirits. I'm also going to be penning a Catholic Mom article next week. You have any topics you'd like to see me write about? Chime in in the comments!


  1. It is so sad to be missing out on many of the special events leading up to First Holy Communion. Anyone reaching an important milestone during 2020 has been bitterly disappointed. But you do have good things about Anne's special day to look forward to, not least of which is her first Eucharist! My daughter graduated from high school this year with no prom, no senior retreat, no graduation ceremony at the Cathedral, etc. We try to stay focused on the positive things like her college acceptance and plans for the fall.

    Looking forward to seeing pix of your latest crafty creations!

    I will be praying for Anne at noon tomorrow.

    1. oh Dianne, thank you SO MUCH!! Yes, I completely agree, it has been a year of emotional turmoil, to be sure. One of our blog community members that I chat with a lot on Facebook had her wedding planned for March 2020, and we were all heartbroken along with her as she navigated the painful decision-making process surrounding this cherished event. It has been rough. But i love how you put this! Staying focused on the other positive things definitely helps! I wish your daughter so much happiness as she embarks on this new journey, she must be so excited!

      Communion went well, I look forward to detailing later in the week!

  2. Will be thinking and praying for Anne. Looking forward to the photos of Anne in her dress and veil. God Bless.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

    1. Thank you ladies! I will definitely include a photo!


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