Friday, July 17, 2020

Crafty summertime continues, and getting the kids back to mass...

Hello all!

*group hug*

I hope that your week went well. Things are good here, with the heat dying down, and everyone enmeshed in a new summer routine. It's been so hard on the kids being isolated for these months, and happily, each are starting to have more and more things to do. Henry has a summer reading list for school that he's working through, and he's signed up to do some work study at his Catholic high school next week, plus some service hours in early August. Anne has been attending the summer tutoring that her school is providing, and she has Girl Scout camp next week (mostly virtual, but with 1 day of distanced in-person archery, seems pretty natural in that environment, hee!). We also booked a family road trip in August that we're all excited about. It's still within our state, so not too far, but would provide an opportunity for hiking and some other historic site seeing in a place we've never been to before. We're also looking into a fall foliage getaway in the fall, which I have *always* wanted to do, and never have. It's SO NICE to have things to look forward to again!

I did go back to mass again last weekend. Father was away, and so it was a Communion service led by our deacon. There were more people there, up to just over 40 from 26 the week before, and while it all still feels pretty awkward, I can feel it getting a little better each week. I long for the day that we no longer have to do these things, and that the virus is no longer causing sickness and death, but in the meantime, I'm happy we're able to go back to doing the things that we love in some form. And my new missal is still totally rocking my world. :-0

This weekend, I plan to take the kids back with me. 😬 It's been awhile, and I know I'm going to encounter resistance and some sassiness, but it needs to be done. Please pray for us, and that the children long to receive Jesus in the Eucharist! Anne, in particular, needs to prepare to receive her 1st communion in a few weeks. I may take 1 kid this weekend, and 1 the next, so that we can chat and have some one-on-one time that may make for better catechesis as well as more willingness on their part.

In other news, my crafting fever continues unabated, and it has brought me so much comfort over the course of this lockdown. I think I mentioned that I finished my Journey shawl, but I finally wove in all the ends and blocked it:

SUPER pleased with how it turned out! And I finished a pair of socks for myself in a colorway modeled after BB8:

Pattern is Vanilla Latte Socks, available for free!

Cute, yes? I LOVE handknit socks. Granted, I don't really get to wear them in the summer, but come fall, my feet will be comfy and toasty! In the spirit of gifting, I cast on a pair for Mike in Pittsburgh Steelers colors:

they double as bublebee socks ;-)
I'm hoping that we still get NFL football this fall, but as with all things right now, we'll have to wait and see. My big project for holiday gifting, I have determined, is to make items out of crochet thread. I have never used crochet thread before, and have been bitten by the doily bug. :-0 So I'm thinking yes, doilies, but also coasters, placemats, other types of kitcheny items. I'm participating in a crochet -along for crochet thread, and as you can see, it has me all inexplicably excited. Who gets excited about crochet thread and doilies? Well, now you know. 😂

And so, armed with a coupon code and a gift card, I placed a small order for crochet thread:

Knit Picks Curio #10
OK, you know me by this point, so you are not surprised that I don't do things that I'm excited about in a small way, yes? :-0 I was overwhelmed by all of the gorgeous colors, it's not my fault! Holiday colors, check, but also autumnal colors, because OF COURSE, and then needed neutrals, and then colors that match kitchens...and well, you might as well just order the value pack at that point and call it a day, which is exactly what I did. The value pack was 20% off, and combined with the coupon code and the gift card, I paid $2, SCORE! This was the most fun I had opening a package in a long, long time. I also got some badly needed new sock needles, a tiny stuffed alpaca for Anne, and a few other skeins of sock yarn in wintry tweed colors that I had been eyeing. It was a good, good day.

Maybe I'll do a doily update post next week, because I have so many fun ideas for those, and there are tons of good free patterns out there! I know you're as excited about this post as I am. ;-)

That's how I've been keeping busy this July, how about you? Also, the St. Anne novena starts today if you'd like to join in! Feel free to leave prayer intentions in the comments. Mine is for my Anne's upcoming 1st Communion, please and thank you!

*another hug*


  1. Wowsers!! What an awesome array of crochet thread, and boy, did you get a great deal on it as well. Can't wait to see what you make out of it. I have a bunch of crochet thread that I inherited, but I'm afraid to try knitting with it. If you have any suggestions on how to get started, please share.

    I will be praying the St. Anne novena as well and I will keep your Anne especially in my prayers! My fiance is on the board of the Preservation Society that is working hard to restore the beautiful St. Anne's Church in Fall River, Massachusetts. The novena begins there today and will conclude with a Mass and procession on St. Anne's feast day. I will be there every day for the novena!

    LOVE the BB8 socks, BTW :-)

    1. Hi Dianne! So far I've used the #3 thread to make a doily, and this reminds me that I can share this in my post today! For knitting, I think you could use crochet thread as a substitute for lace weight and make shawls, etc. I may try this at some point, and will keep you posted!

      Thank you SOOOOOO much for the prayers for Anne! The novena right in St. Anne's church, swoon! How lovely! I've been praying it diligently on my own, and it has definitely been a source of solace these days. <3

  2. The shawl is lovely. Love the crochet thread and all the pretty colors. Hope to get started on some projects for Christmas. Glad you are planning a few road trips. Have a good week and stay well and safe.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

    1. Hi ladies! Yes, the colors are just so cheery, yes? Christmas projects, I'm telling you, it cheers me up every July, and makes me feel so productive, too, ha ha. We should have another another Christmas crafting post coming up here before the fall to check in!

  3. Hello! I went to Mass last week for the first time. It was outdoors in the gathering plaza in front of the church. It was nice to be back but odd (because of the changes) at the same time.

    Your shawl and your socks turned out great.

    I've been praying the St. Anne novena and I'll keep Anne in my prayers. Would you pray for my job situation/discernment about what to do next? There is no money for librarian adjuncts this fall.

    1. Hi Melanie! Yes, I have the exact same feelings about mass right now. It's soooo nice to be back, but strange at the same time. Last weekend, because of the newly designated enter only/exit only doors (one of the restrictions here, to try and prevent people coming into contact with one another), we were all locked in the church accidentally, eeks. They locked the "enter only" doors, but forgot to unlocck the "exit only" doors, so when mass ended, we all got to the back of the church and discovered this. To me, this is a huge fire hazard! I'm really hoping that some common sense will prevail next week, yikes. Nobody is coming and going at the same time anyway for a church service. Everyone leaves at the same time (no one is coming in then) and all doors should be open then, imo.

      Thank you for your prayers, and I will absolutely pray for your job situation!


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