Friday, June 28, 2019

The happy distraction of summer crafting...

My crafting has been occupying my busy mind this summer, and believe me, the distraction is quite welcome and needed. This is also the time of year I get all into Christmas in July mode (even if it's not quite yet July; apparently I'm just as bad as the Hallmark Channel ;-)), and start planning items I want to make for holiday gifts. Want to see? :-0

Soooo, I may or may not have been promising Mike a cabled cardigan for approximately the past 5 years.


I know, I know. Time just kinda got away from me! And I kept putting it off because a men's cabled cardigan is going to take some serious time to complete. But after I wrapped up a few longer term projects this spring I was itching for a new challenge. And look who finally got cast on?

Pattern is Rambling Man by Drops Design, and is free!

This is the back piece, and I have to say that I am IN LOVE. It is SO fun to watch the magic of cabling come alive, and the moss stitch texture in-between is just to die for. Currently, I'm working my way towards where I'll accommodate for the arm holes. I'd say I have about 2 more repeats of the chart before I'm there. After I finish this piece, I'll have 2 front pieces to knit, plus the sleeves, and a large ribbed collar and button band. Relatively speaking, I'm making quick and excellent progress! My goal is to have this completed by Christmas.

*virtual fist bump*

So that's officially gift #1. Anne has asked for an alpaca hat. I have yarn from an alpaca, but I think she also wants it to look like an alpaca? :-0 More research needed on this one. She's also asked for a snowman mug cosy, and I have yarn and buttons to make the most adorable one:

Pattern is Chill Chaser Cup Cosy, and is available for free!
I'm planning to make some stuffed animals this summer, many of which can be gifts, and I know that Anne wants a robin. I haven't told you all about the robin family that has been in and out of our back yard this summer, but it's absolutely precious, and we can commemorate this particular summer in this way. I need to look at patterns for this still!

For Henry, he always loves handknit socks, and the poor child, the last pair I knit him, I didn't remember to accommodate for how much his feet had been growing as he starts to go through puberty, and his toes burst through them within a few weeks. 😬 So I need to measure and make him a new pair for Christmas.

So that's:

(1) Mike's Cabled Cardigan
(2) Anne's alpaca hat
(3) mug cosy
(4) stuffed things, including robins
(5) socks for Henry

No problem. If anybody has any requests, you must tell me know now. ;-)

I'm also planning some treats for myself, one of which is a Hogwarts Express shawl with this lovely yarn I bought in Rhinebeck last fall:

Yarn is Dragonfly Fibers Birch Pixie
*blissful sigh*

I'm not planning to go to Rhinebeck this fall (*sobs!* But we have Catholic high school tuition, so you do what you gotta do) and so I'm planning to revel in the beautiful yarn that I bought last year. And my friend Nancy is attending and will bring back some yarn and alpaca socks for me and the kids.


Do you have any crafting plans this summer? Gardening? Any "Christmas in July" plans of your own? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I will be watching QVC's Christmas in July starting at midnight on June 30th. It seems many companies have started Christmas in July. I want to get back to my knitting. I will be watching Hallmark's new Christmas movies in July. I do not watch the reruns. Once October comes it is a toss up between the two Hallmark channels and their new all Christmas schedule. Enjoy Christmas in July!

    1. Hi Marilyn! Glad I'm not the only Christmas in July fan. :) I agree, it definitely has become a trend! That's a good idea about only watching the new movies; keeps it fresh and interesting!

  2. I am still learning how to use my Cricut Cutting Machine but having fun with it! My husbands 40th birthday is in July so his party is sort of my practice for some projects using my machine. I'm working on making sticker labels for water bottles and solo cups. If I get some iron on transfer I might try and make some shirts. So this has been fun. For the longest time all I did with the machine was cut cardstock and make greeting cards...which was fine but it's fun learning to make some other items too :)

    1. ooo, Beth Anne, this is so fun! I love the idea of making stickers, so many fun projects you could come up with!

  3. My girls and I are planning on making Christmas crafts in July!! Not sure yet what we want to make...hoping for some new ornaments.

    1. aw, NICE! That will be so fun to pull them out again in December!

  4. That snowman is adorable. I haven't made any Christmas present plans yet but I have been working on some potholders as a house warming gift. That looks like it will be nice yarn for a Hogwarts Express shawl. I'd like to make one someday too.

    1. ooo, potholders! That's an awesome holiday gift idea. :-0 I'm thinking of making this a year in which I craft a lot of my presents (worried about financial strain with Catholic high school tuition). This will fit nicely into a Hogwarts Weekly Challenge situation, that's another bonus. ;-)


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