Wednesday, September 27, 2017

When good weeks turn bad...

I'd been having a really good week. And then...well, you know how it is. :0

Monday: I am all aglow from outstanding weekend of dance workshops and performances. My friends came to see me dance, and I feel super confident, happy and floaty. I come to class Monday, and the students who couldn't read the words "My Groups" last week are suddenly rock stars, formulating dreamy research questions and finding solid peer reviewed articles on their topics. I end the day dreaming of choreographing a solo with a vintage Golden Era theme for the winter hafla, and feeling like Super Librarian.

*attaches cape*

Tuesday: I wake up stuffy.

*ominous music cues up in the background*

Classes still go good, and additional classes who struggled last week really shined this week. But I feel worse and worse physically as the day wears on. As well, I had dropped my car off at the mechanic. It was making "a noise" and I was thinking that something was going on with the front brakes. I wasn't exactly looking forward to the bill, but it needed to be done. Well.


It's something else. Something about an arm in the wheel well? Actually, that sounds even WORSE than I intend it to, but needless to say that it's a much more involved fix than the brakes, in both time and expense. The mechanic doesn't even know for sure that he can find the part, because my car is so old.

Don't laugh at her. She's a good old car. :0

So I need to hope that (a) the mechanic finds the part so that he can charge me $1500 to fix this involved and complicated thing, or (b) that he can't find the part and I have to get a new car. Which sounds good, but we really can't afford that right now. So (a) is somehow the better option?


I get home and feel uber cranky. My cold and voice worsen as the night wears on and I go to bed at 8 pm. And did I mention that it's been like 90 freaking degrees here for nearly the past week, and we can't sleep because it's so sticky and uncomfortable? Good Grief.

#IT'SSEPTEMBER! #whattheheck?!

Mike then coughs the entire night and I glare over at his side of the bed, although it is clearly not his fault.

Wednesday: I wake up exhausted after tossing and turning the entire night. I am even stuffier and beginning to cough. There is still no word from the mechanic on the part he's trying to find.


I can barely talk during my classes. Oh, and now I'm developing a fever rash.

THIS, my friends, is a good week gone bad. :0 It could be worse, it is true. I'm actually feeling positive overall, just wishing that the suck factor would ease a hair. I'm praying the St. Therese novena, so things can't be all bad, right? ;-)

How is your week going, gentle reader? I hope that it's going better than mine!


  1. Oh, dear. :/ prayers for you. Don't worry. The rest of this week is supposed to be cooler for you and for's getting hotter. :( The car thing is no fun. I have so.many.cracks. They are just watching them for now.

    1. Indeed, a cool front moved in yesterday evening, and today feels like fall. I cannot even TELL you how relieved I am, and how much better we slept last night. :0

      Still so worried about the car. If we don't hear anything today, we're calling tomorrow. We need to plan one way or the other, you know? Ugh.

  2. Boo! If you are like me you are probably saying, "I don't have time to be sick!" I hope the end of your week goes better.
    My week has been okay. My bosses boss comes to work Monday so my boss is all in a frenzy to make sure everything looks good + it's the end of the month so all the end of the month stuff has to be done.

    1. Beth Anne,

      UGH. I definitely feel less bad this morning. Plus, the weather cooled off last night, which is a gigantic relief. We all slept a lot better!

  3. Car trouble is no fun. Praying it all works for the best. Fall quarter starts next week at my solo librarian job and students come back this weekend so I've been busy getting the library ready. However the news I received Monday has brightened my whole week and sent me searching Ravelry for patterns.

    1. oh YAY!!!!!!!!

      The car situation is bad. I think we're going to have to replace it. *cry face*


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