Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Monday in the life...

"Hon, have you seen Anne's library book?

One would think that as the offspring of a librarian and a college professor, our children would have it made with regard to their library books. They would be catalogued and organized at home, read lovingly to them every single night, and then popped into their backpacks on the morning of library session so that they could procure a new book to begin the adventure again. One would think.

"I read it to her the other night." *gold star!* "I can't remember which night, though." *so typical* "I do think I brought it to her bedroom when we were done. Isn't it there?"

*why would he be asking if it was there?!* 😂

 "No. I looked in all the usual places."

Naturally, this is all transpiring as:

(a) I'm readying for work,
(b) the kids are readying for school,
(c) Mike is readying for work,
(d) Anne is obsessing about not being able to pick out a new library book, and
(e) we're all about to be late.

"Let me look. I think I put it in her bedside table drawer."

Once again thinking that somehow, someway, a different result would happen despite repeating the exact same motions, I ignore this little factoid as I plow forward and open the drawer. A gigantic messy pile of books awaited me. She really *is* the child of a librarian.

"Hum. It's not in here." Somehow, I am still surprised. "Did you look under the bed?"

"Yep. And under the crap on her dresser." Ugh. Our child is a pack rat.

"MOM! I won't be able to check out another book if I can't find The Little Penguin!" *sobbing*

*long suffering sigh*

We scour more hidey-holes, but no book. Anne is sent dejectedly in without it, as I scramble to finish getting ready. This is NOT the first time this has happened. In fact, it's not even the FIFTH time this has happened. We are failures as library parents.

So then I rush in to work. And rush in to my office. I rushedly check and answer email. I rushedly glance over the lesson plan for the week again. On Mondays, I have 3 classes in a row, and they begin at 9 am, which I think we can all agree *bites*. I rushedly pack my stuff up, since I have to walk over to our classrooms in another building, and right from there I go to the Barre class, so I need my workout clothes. Just as I'm stuffing my water bottle into my bag, my colleague comes to my door so that we can walk over together. We rushedly walk over. And we've barely dumped our ridiculous amount of stuff on the floor up by the teaching podium before students begin entering the room.

*another sigh*

Class #1 we have to really work it to get them to talk. Class #2 wouldn't stop talking. And by Class #3 I can barely keep my eyes open. Not exactly the disposition you're going for to initiate an effective teaching and learning experience for all.

I made it though. And then rushed over to the Barre class, which I was late for despite my best efforts to walk fast. *glares* By the end of the work day, you could stick a fork in me; I was done.

It wasn't a bad day by any stretch. It was just a Monday. :0 Oh, but I *did* get an email in the afternoon from Mike, letting me know that he found Anne's library book. In her clothes hamper.


How was your Monday, dear reader? Book club tomorrow for Chapter 4 of Live Today Well! We'll be talking about setting yourself up each morning to be holy. Yes, I do see the irony of that given what I've just described to you above. :0


  1. I'm glad Anne's book was found but I'm curious how it ended up in her clothes hamper. Although I can recall many times when I thought I'd put something in a safe spot only to find out later it really wasn't.

    My Monday was long but that is the new normal for me. I've started offering evening reference hours at one of the libraries I work for and students are taking advantage of it. That makes me happy and helps to put the long day in proper focus. The worst part of yesterday happened at the end of the day. I was dropping my car off to be worked on today and after I had put the keys in the night drop and locked the car I realized I had left the light on inside. Luckily I have a spare key at home but I had to go home get it and return to my car to turn of the light.

    1. Hi Melanie! I suspect that either: (a) Anne put the book in the clothes hamper, for reasons that will never be clear to anyone over the age of 5; or (b) the book slid off aforementioned pile of crap on her dresser and into the hamper, as it resides right next to her dresser. :0

      Your car...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was reading your comment, my heart skipped a beat! OH my goodness! And yes, the spare key situation, while a relief and a resolution, has *just* enough of an exhausting inconvenience factor to make it truly a Monday Experience.

  2. I always know when I am making some spiritual progress because, inevitably, I get sick almost immediately afterwards. :( I spent Monday in bed with sinus pain and congestion. (Is it coincidental that these attacks appear to occur when I have gathered some spiritual momentum?? hmmmm...).

    Back on my feet, though, and ready for Chapter 4. :)

    1. Robin, I totally agree. I went to confession several weeks back after really needing to do so, and experiencing a spiritual high afterwards, and subsequently I had that disastrous over the edge spell here at work. I don't think they're coincidences at all. We're in this together. *virtual fist bump*


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