Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tea Time with Tiffany #24: Holiday performances, but also a delightful spin on the Catholic belly dancer issue...

Hello ALL! How are you today? I hope that you're good and that you have your cup of morning beverage of choice for this week's installment of:

We're moving into a season of chatty videos that aren't necessarily focused on any one topic. More of a "what's going on in my week!" type of situation. Think of these as mini podcasts for now, until I can get a real one started up. :) They're not any longer, I promise. This week I talk briefly about the book club, and move into dance news. And there's an interesting faith/dance related anecdote in there. Do view on if you're curious!

Items mentioned in this episode:
Any holiday performances brewing with you, dear reader, whether you'll be performing or attending?


  1. Well, it's good to hear that there was some positive feedback about belly dance:) I would also add, that many professional dancers own a variety of costume styles for different venues, and if someone requests a more covered up look, it is usually doable. The bare midriff cabaret costume style is not the only one out there, although it is the most common.

    Lately I've been very interested in "Yearning" by Raul Ferrando on the Bellydance Superstars V CD. It's a really pretty slow piece. Not that I'm dancing these days. While cleaning out the basement a couple of weekends ago, I found one of my sets of zills:) Does your troupe use them much? We drilled them all the time in our classes, as it's considered a required skill, but I can only recall using them in choreographies a couple of times. They do add a whole other layer of complicated.

    Heaven knows when I will get the chance to read it, but thank you for the middle reader book selection! And even better that it is part of an ongoing series - I've added it to my Christmas shopping list, to be used at a later date:)

  2. Amy! Was so hoping you'd chime in. :) Totally agreed on the costumes, we have both two piece and gowns in my troupe. I do not think that bare bellies are immodest, but I get that some people prefer a different style of costume, and I'm cool with that. :) I LOVE our Saidi gowns, they are so comfortable, and so beautiful in the way that they drape. We're getting new red beaded gowns, and I can't wait to see them when they come in!

    Ohhh, "Yearning" is a beautiful song. I was feeling a bit of a vibe to do a slower piece for this hafla (have you heard "Awal Suhur" by Mario Kirlis? *swoons*), but I know some others are dancing to slower tunes, and we like to balance things a bit, so I wound up with an upbeat instrumental.

    We do not use zills! Shocking, I know. :)I have tried to learn on my own, but because I've been dancing for so long now, I don't know that I can add them in while still being able to dance at the same time in any way, lol! I'd need some pretty intense zill boot camp to get them down, and my teacher just doesn't teach them, because they're not her favorite.

    I'm so glad you love the sound of the Chime Travelers books! The new ones are coming out in March or April, I believe. I adore the concept, it's fantastic!

  3. Yes, zills are a challenge. I used to spend a LOT of time practicing them, and was able to add traveling steps and a few fairly simple combinations, but they require some dedication. The other thing is that I think they tend to be a bit too much for small venues, and I don't think Western audiences are as in to them. The professional dancers I can think of who used them a lot tended to have regular gigs at middle eastern restaurants. I will look up that other music piece when I have a little time:)

  4. Amy, great point about restaurant dancing. They work well in that setting, depending on the size of the room, but for a party in a house? Not so much. :-) I love them, I've always wanted to learn to play them. And I can. I just can't dance at the same time. ;-)

  5. I had a chance to listen to "Awal Suhur", and it is gorgeous, plus its a nice length to combine with one or two other songs for a set. Often dancing to slow songs includes some veil work, but a person could switch it up with hand candles - how jealous would sword be;) but it's just so pretty regardless.

  6. Amy, I know, right?! I will definitely dance to that at some point. It's one of my favorites. I love the thought of a candle tray, and yes, Sword would be super jealous. ;-) We have a troupe piece in which we use flower trays, but candles would be even better. Even without any props, that song would be fantastic with just a lot of focus on arms. FYI, next Saturday I'm dancing to Dr. Samy Farag's "Opah," edited slightly for length. :)

  7. We are going to see A Christmas Carol at a local dinner theatre next month. We saw 9 to 5 there a few months ago and it was excellent! Looking forward to it.

    For Advent I'm working on putting together a list of Advent Writing/Video/Photo Prompts (that way you can do use any medium to share your thoughts). I've been doing random writing prompts link-ups lately and have done writing prompt link-ups where everyone writes about 1 word for years and thought it could be a fun thing to do for advent.

    That is this weeks project...crazy to think Advent is right around the corner!!

    I love that little time travelers series. I may order a few to use with my confirmation class even though they are a bit older. Her new book is already available for pre-order :)

    1. Hi Beth Anne! I love your prompts idea for Advent! That sounds awesome. And Christmas theatre. *swoon* love it!


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