Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's going on with Baby CL?

I'm sure you just spend nights awake thinking about this, just like I do! Therefore, I thought I'd give you all the personal details, just in time for lunchtime reading :)

It seems like my nausea has peaked, meaning I'm on the slow spiral back down to normalcy. This is an excellent thing. I'm still nauseous, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't seem quite so all-encompassing as the past 4 weeks or so. Like last week, when I encountered what will heretofore be known as THE VEGETABLE FIASCO.

The week prior, my mom had given me a bag of organic vegetables that she got from a farm co-op program. Cool, right? Yes, and I used some of them to make a chicken with veggies recipe later that week. After that, I didn't have the energy to look up some new recipes for the other, more sophisticated vegetables like I hoped (anybody know a quick recipe that involves a leek? See. Not so easy :) So the bag sat on top of our cupboard, awaiting its fate. I kept meaning to get to it, but exhaustion took precedence.

Then I woke up Saturday morning and was doing my usual early weekend tornadoing. Clean, clean, clean. I approach the kitchen. Hark! What is that smell? I glance uneasily at the vegetables. A few days earlier, a bad red bell pepper from this very source caused me to dry heave for the first time in as long as I could remember.

I approach with delicate footfalls, like my stealthy manner will somehow cause the offending odor to slip away on its own. I peek in the bag. Hum. Maybe it's not really this... Wait. What's *that*?! Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dry heave that JUST BARELY holds back from morphing into actual vomit*

Several vegetables have gone bad, and do you know what they created?


I tell you, there are few odors and visual accompaniments that are more foul than this. Very, VERY few, my friends.

I could feel another retch beginning to form in the base of my throat, so I had to drop the bag and move away. Quickly, I leapt into emergency response mode. My baby's livelihood depending upon me eliminating the source of this wretchedness from my kitchen. I plugged my nose, grabbed the bag, and ran it over to the garbage bin. I dumped the entire thing in and snapped the lid closed with a bang. I grabbed our dish rag, and *martyrdom!* wiped up the garbage juice that had LEAKED ONTO THE CUPBOARD. This entire time, I was holding onto the contents of my stomach by a single thread. I grabbed a can of Oust and fumigated the entire kitchen, including the inside of the garbage bin, causing poor Hank to hack and head quickly back to his play room.

I calmed myself down, and told myself that everything was fine now. Once the Oust haze faded, I continued on my quest to clean the kitchen floor. Everything was good until I had to throw something away. The instant I opened that garbage bin lid, the decomposing hands of the dying vegetables grabbed my throat and attempted to squeeze the very life out of me. When Mike came downstairs, I was cowering in a corner of the kitchen, finger pointing shakily to the garbage can:

"Please, my God, the garbage!"

as if the evil man that lives in the garbage can was leering at me from across the room with a freshly sharpened pitchfork aimed at the ready.

It was SO not good. Mike had to immediately throw that bag of garbage outside in our larger bin, and it took me an hour to recover. I would label this phase as the PEAK of my nausea issues.

This week, it doesn't seem quite as bad. Although, I have to admit all those crazy cravings I was having right at the beginning of my pregnancy have faded, and fewer foods sound good to me. So, who knows.

Most importantly, Baby CL is growing and growing. Starting just this week, I'm beginning to show. I have mixed feelings about this (will write a whole separate post on body image in pregnancy) but I am glad overall, because it shows that Baby CL is thriving. It's nothing dramatic, but there is a definite sudden rounding happening in my lower abdomen. This is right around the time I started showing with Hank. I guess I would say the Hank rounding was slightly more subtle, but other than that, I don't feel like I started showing infinitely sooner with this pregnancy, although a lot of women say that they do with their second pregnancies. It just looks like I've suddenly got a little somethin' extra right around my middle. This is an awkward phase. Not nearly ready for maternity clothes (mine are still banished to the basement for the time being; putting that off as long as humanly possible) yet fitting into regular clothes becomes more of a challenge each week. Plus, since you really don't look pregnant yet, I fear that people will think that I'm just really letting myself go. Ah well. What can one do?

I hope I don't grow too fast, since I'm planning to belly dance, bare belly and all, in late December in our holiday hafla. This should be interesting.

At any rate, Baby CL now has short little arms and legs, and is moving all around. I can't wait until I can feel him or her in there. Most of all, I can't wait to meet them.


  1. Hopefully you're just about through that nausea! I think mine went away at around 12 weeks both times.

    I think it would be cute to perform with your cute little baby bump! But I do tend to think baby bumps are one of the cutest things!

  2. i love it when pregnant women bellydance! to me there is no greater show of pure feminine power. you will look awesome! :)

    heres my friend phoenix, dancing at 31 weeks :)


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