Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An emotional couple of days...

Lots of prayer requests. Precious Baby D is with God now :( I took this pretty hard, but of course, this is not about me. Please pray for Baby D's parents so that their sorrow may be comforted.

As well, my good friend, Irena's, sister is soon to be in labor and delivering her first baby. Please keep her in your prayers for a safe and healthy delivery.

In other parenting news, Monday night/Tuesday morning found Mike and I waking to a hysterically crying Henry. A quick examination revealed the source of his distress:

"My eao hurts!"

I have to admit, I love how he pronounces "ear." But it was no time to languish in his cuteness, because he spent the majority of the night crying inconsolably and holding his ear. I comforted him as best I could, and slept on his floor so that I would be near, but we both had a difficult time sleeping. Only after I gave him a dose of Ibuprofen was he able to sleep.

In the morning, I stayed home from work to take him to the pediatrician. Diagnosis: swimmers ear. Yes, I know, not much swimming going on in the Northeast these days, but it must be from his baths. During this entire time, the morning before our appointment, waiting to see the doctor, and then waiting for his ear drop prescription to be filled, Hank was crying loudly. He was *really* uncomfortable, poor baby.

Well. I finally secure the drops, and guess what? Hank decided that he hates drops. I suppose most children do. But navigating the first round into his ear required a 15 minute negotiation session, followed by me holding him down as Mike dropped them in against his will, Hank screaming in a blood curdling-like fashion all the while. Ah well. Another day in the life of a parent.

I gave him some more ibuprofen, and that seemed to take the edge off. The doctor told me that swimmers ear is very painful until the drops start to clear up the infection. Afterward, we took Hank to a local cider mill and got him a cider slushy, which seemed to make him particularly happy. He fell asleep in the car on the way down, which also helped. By the end of the day, he was cooperating, although not happily, with drop administration, and overall seemed to be on the mend. After a full night sleep, and with the continued drop regimen, he seems nearly back to his old self.

I have to admit, I loved the nurturing. Hank is nearly 5, and I haven't been able to baby him in quite some time. So, all day long I loved covering him up, kissing his face endlessly, making him toast, and generally cuddling him. I am MOMMY NURTURER - SUPER HERO.

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  1. Prayers for all your intentions!

    Poor Hank, I've had swimmer's ear before when I was young and swam a lot, it does hurt. Hopefully he's better soon! And his fighting you on the drops made me laugh because I remember being like that when I was little too :)


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