Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Advent Wreath

I'm feeling very advent-y lately, so I thought I'm linger on this theme for a bit. I'm also sick - AGAIN. I'm not having a good, healthy winter, I tell you. Hank is sick too. He came into our bedroom last night about 1 am, laid on the floor next to my side of the bed, and I hear *thunk*. *bursting into tears* "MOMMY!!" Poor Hank. He's doing ok though; when he woke up in the morning, he told me that his nose hurt. Of course, it wouldn't if he didn't insist on wedging on our floor every night and consequently banging his face on my dresser. *sighs*

Anyway, the Advent wreath. I did a little research on its meaning. I love this stuff :) So, the candles symbolize the light of Christ, and the round wreath the eternity of God. A traditional Catholic wreath has 3 violet candles, and 1 rose. Priests' vestments will match the color of the candles for each of the 4 weeks in Advent. Each Sunday a new candle is lit. The violet symbolizes expectation, and the rose stands for joy and hope. The Sunday that the rose candle is lit is called Gaudete Sunday, from the Latin for "rejoice." It is the third candle to be lit, and I was always told that it means that Christmas is near, thus excitement :)

I have seen wreaths that incorporate a white candle to be lit on Christmas day. *Jealous* - I want one of those. I have a very simple Advent wreath with long tapers, like this one:

Seems like the Catholic Librarian should have more bells and whistles :) We *do* have a spectacular Christmas tree this year. I'll take a picture and bring it in. It's a Scotch Pine, and the nicest tree we've ever had. Hank is also enjoying a traditional chocolate Advent calendar. You know, it has those other worldly tasking German chocolates inside. YUM. Hank yanked open the first window yesterday, and asked with very wide eyes if he could eat it. Then he wanted another one, but I told him he had to wait until the next day :) I feel very in the Christmas spirit today...

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