Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shimmy, one, two, three...

I had my bellydancing class last night. We're learning a routine for the upcoming Hafla involving lots of pretty veil movements and undulations. It's a struggle for me to remember routines the way I once used to, so I focused hard on learning the new choreography. Our instructor, Claire, added on a bunch of stuff, and as she started showing us, I heard the class gasp, "OH! the *envelope*!" The envelope? Yes, that's right, we have to envelop ourselves in our chiffon veils, and I can't see any possible way that this is going to go well for me. Middle Eastern dance is difficult enough for me without adding the complication of being blinded by a floaty veil.

I'm still working on my mayas without lifting my heels. Ever tried to lift your hip and then out without lifting your heel? It's hard :) So, I'm trying. I also need to practice my three quarter shimmies. Hip up, down, out. At the speed of a small crescendo. This should be amusing.

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