Monday, September 29, 2008

Bridezillas 9/28...

Wow. This has become a Sunday night staple, much to Mike's chagrin. So, so much fodder here. I'll try to summarize:

Bride #1 - Vanessa. Real winner here. She banned her fiance's family from coming to the wedding because they aren't nice enough to her. The stepsister said in reply that her stepbrother "got stuck with her because he knocked her up." Ouch. She whined the whole episode about people not liking her and things happening that didn't go her way. The mere sound of her voice by the end of the hour was making me frantic - "you're ruining it! stop it! why do you have to be herrreee right nowwwww!" She actually had the audacity to hire security guards to expel her new husband's family should they dare show up. Sounds like someone who thinks a little too highly of herself.

Bride #2 - Can't remember her name. They all seem the same after a while. Wait! Donna. She spends money like it grows on trees and threw a crying tantrum when the mothers put too much sand and not enough starfish into her centerpieces. She insisted that she was getting married on the beach "come hell or high water" and refused to plan a backup despite the fact that she was getting married on the New Jersey shore in *April*. When it did in fact rain, she took it out on the poor cake preparer, who forgot the chocolate seashells. Her husband too, is no treat. I see what he's working with here, but he *laughed* when his beloved chipped her tooth 3 days before the wedding, and generally made sarcastic and immature comments to her face for the entire show. Given that they didn't seem to even like each other, I was baffled as to why they wanted to marry. At their wedding, Donna claimed that she had "married the man of my dreams," and Mike and I said in unison, "really?!"

Bride #3 - Chantiqua (sp?!) Sucks her thumb despite the fact that she's, well, an adult. Walks all over her very sweet husband-to-be, which is a common theme on this show. She's being carried over to the next episode, so stay tuned!

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