Saturday, February 25, 2023

Cheesefare Sunday (Sunday of Forgiveness)

Hello all! I was teaching yesterday, so our post this week is slightly askew in the usual calendar, but here we are to continue our Lenten journey together! Indeed Lent has already begun, but we still need to chronicle the final Sunday prior to Lent, Cheesefare Sunday!

Sadly, there was no Feast Of All Cheeses happening at our parish on this particular Sunday 🤣 It serves as a reminder of the Great Fast that is to come, and all of the sacrifice that is involved. We're following (my family, that is) the Western Church fast, rather than the Eastern one, so we're still consuming dairy, but still, the point is quite impressive. 

This Sunday also features a forgiveness ritual that I found quite moving. At the end of the liturgy, Father read a prayer on this theme, and asked forgiveness for anything he may have said or did, intentionally or unintentionally, that may have hurt or offended us. We then did the same, both to him and to each other. As a lead up to the holy season of Lent, I thought this was so beautiful. 

After Divine Liturgy, there was talk of the Easter Bazaar that will be happening the Saturday of Palm Sunday weekend, and we're being recruited to come help make pierogi. :-0 I have no idea of how to make pierogi (or most things, to be honest!) but a willing heart is half the battle, yes? I can absolutely be told what to do and follow directions, and I'm excited to learn!

Great Lent began the next day on Clean Monday, where we focus on purifying our hearts. For my part, I did enjoy our Latin rite Ash Wednesday traditions, which the Eastern Churches do not include. So I'm indulging in all of the rites right now, and loving every moment. 


How is your Lent starting off, friends? 

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