Friday, February 12, 2021

Ash Wednesday is right around the corner, and Lenten Book Club 2021 plans!

Hi all, and happy Friday, the last Friday in Ordinary Time before Lent begins! As ever, I'm quite excited. In fact, I wrote about my joy in annual Lenten planning this month for Catholic Mom. I know it's a solemn time of penance, to be sure, but there's something about the wintry organization and focus that really makes me happy as a librarian. :-) Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of the season is something I always look forward to, and I always reflect on the dark days with the coming hope of Easter. 

This year, granted, Ash Wednesday will look a bit different in terms of our traditions (understandable, but still, I'm sad!) Our diocese is doing ash sprinkling over the head rather than crosses on the forehead this year. What is your parish doing?

In terms of a book club for Lent, I've definitely decided to run one on the blog this year, and based on the poll I posted in our Facebook group, and the responses I received in the comments last week, I have pulled Lay Siege to Heaven: A Novel About St. Catherine of Sienna, by Louis de Wohl as our winner!

SUPER EXCITED to read this book! I absolutely love historical fiction, and you know that stories of the saints are my very favorite! So now, how to proceed. Let's take 1-2 weeks to allow time for those who wish to participate to receive and begin the book. I know at least one person is going to be looking to request this via their library, and others may be ordering print copies that will take some time to arrive. Next week I'll put up an Ash Wednesday and general start to Lent post. We can get started chatting about the book on Friday February 26th. I want to assure we have plenty of time to read each section. I just downloaded the Kindle copy, and it looks like the book has 5 parts. I need to look at it more carefully to see how long each part is, but the book is 372 pages in total. I'll chart out a full plan with dates and pop that up next week. Sound like a plan?

I'm so excited to get started on this! Let me know if you're in for the Lenten Book Club 2021 down in the comments! 


  1. I'm in! Thanks for picking the book and leading this.

    I was just thinking about you last night - I was knee-deep in Lentan planning and realized since we moved to the UP I haven't seen an Easter lamb butter at the grocery store. I grew up with them as a Polish Catholic in the midwest and started frantically searching online and realized Buffalo seems to have cornered the market on Easter butter lambs!

    I had a crazed moment when I thought I'd ask you to send one to me but then I realized I could just buy the mold and make it myself :). We'll see how it turns out - may not be recognizable as a lamb!

    1. Hi Amy! Butter lambs, ha ha! YES, they are quite popular around here. Let me know how your molding goes, I can send you one if you need!

  2. My diocese (Trenton, NJ) has instructed parishes to use q-tips to trace crosses on people’s foreheads. They’re already doing this for Baptisms and Confirmations.

  3. Hi Tiffany;
    Hard to believe it is almost time for Lent. Very nice post. Will be going on Catholic mom to read your latest post.
    Marilyn,Joan and Marion

  4. Count me in for the Lenten book club. Just requested "Lay Siege to Heaven" from the library :-)



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