Friday, October 16, 2020

Morning routines and LOTS of teaching...


Short post today, friends, as I am in my annual fall teaching frenzy, which lasts through next week. Doesn't afford a lot of time for other things during the day, unfortunately! BUT, I mentioned my my Catholic Mom piece for October last week, and it is in fact up and on the site! This month, I chose to write about my attempts to construct a morning routine for myself despite having lost all of my normal pathways due to the pandemic, which has been instrumental to turning my emotional malaise around. 

In other news, my teaching is...going. :-0 It's actually going pretty well, but I'm about to embark on class #18 of the week, if that's any indication of my level of punchy exhaustion. They're all on Zoom, which isn't exactly the funnest thing, but it's what it is. Next week I think I have...11 or 12? It's a bit less bad, but still fairly intense towards the end of the week. I'm planning some fun stuff for after these two weeks are fully over, which I'm excited to write about when I have brain cells back again. I do miss those dear brain cells! They involve dancing, the Nutcracker, and seasonal coffee blends. I bet you're intrigued. 😁

How are you doing, dear reader? Any new books to recommend or fun weekend plans?


  1. Hope all is well and that you cruise right through your busy week! Since you mentioned starting a morning routine, you might like the book "My Morning Routine" by Benjamin Spall. It looks at the morning routines of a bunch of successful people from all walks of life. I borrowed it from the library last year and really enjoyed it.

    I'm thinking of starting the St. Jude novena tomorrow. It's one of my favorites each year.

    1. Hi Kevin! OOOO, this sounds like an intriguing book recommendation, thank you, I'll check it out! Sounds right up my alley. I also prayed the St. Jude novena, and indeed, this is going into my regular rotation, that was fantastic!


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