Thursday, July 5, 2018

Summer heat waves, and book club conspiracy theories...

Happy long holiday weekend (?!) to my fellow American readers! Independence Day falls oddly this year, does it not? It fell on a Wednesday, and can we agree that this is the absolute worst possible day for July 4th to land on? You either have a day off right in the middle of the week, making your work week all choppy and awkward, or you use up more vacation days than you really wanted to just to make your week not completely ridiculous:

Monday - work. Next day - ugh, work. Should I just take this day off? Next day - holiday, woo hoo! Next day -  I should take a vacation day, right? Right! Staying home, woo hoo! Next day - wait. I have to go into work? What the heck day of the week is it anyway?!

Mike and I both went for option (2), and so here we are, sweating our booties off at home with both kids during a heat wave in our un-airconditioned house.


Togetherness. And lots of it. ;-)

You'll also be happy to know that I have continued misting our bedroom with anti-mosquito oils at night, AND I have an order in for Avon Skin So Soft. :-0 Thus, I have not had any new mosquito bites since last week, and my old ones are healing.

*trumpet blare!*

Despite the heat, I have been knitting, and making progress on my Great Crafting Obstacles List, and I will post an update to that towards the end of July. *halo*

So, next week we are scheduled for our first Summer Book Club discussion on How God Hauled Me Kicking and Screaming into the Catholic Church. Apologetics, I love it. I have to be honest and admit that I find the title of this book incredibly awkward, but I suppose they were going for the dramatic impact. ;-)

At any rate, I did not find this book in any of the library collections I have access to, so I requested that it be purchased as an ebook via my local public library. I've been trying to be a good girl and not spend so much money on Kindle books. I have a bit of a habit, and it's become addicting. ;-) The library wrote back to me later that day saying that they were purchasing the ebook, and that it would appear in the catalog within 48 hours. Grand.

Granted, ebooks usually appear way sooner than they say, and I should have headed over the very next morning to investigate and check it out. This was mistake #1. :0 I didn't, and 2 days later, I innocently logged into my account at the public library to check on the ebook. It was checked out. To somebody else.


I will admit, I figured: how big of a market IS there for Catholic conversion stories? No need to be rushy, right?! I was banking on the niche market theory, to be sure. It was still mid-June, so I didn't panic. I figured, closer to the book club, I'll come back, it'll be available, and I'll check it out then. This was mistake #2.


Last week, I logged back in, and it WAS STILL CHECKED OUT. Not only that, but now there was also a person on the waiting list. What is this blasphemy?!

The only reason the library even HAS the book is because of me, and now there's all of these other apologetics fans swarming. I did finally place myself on the waiting list, but that was last week, and I'm still quite impatiently in the queue awaiting my turn.

All of this is to say the following: do you mind bumping the first discussion post for the book another week? That would make it July 19th and 26th, instead of starting on the 12th. I mean, I could just buy the book. Is God telling me to just buy the book? He obviously had me request this book from the library so that other people could read it and become Catholic, so maybe I'm supposed to be grateful to be part of God's plan for the universe and fork over the $10 to support the author?

It's a quandary, to be sure.

If you all don't mind, it would be fabulous to wait/read for an additional week, and chat slightly later in the month. Now that I've requested the book and it was purchased, I feel stubborn that I want to read that particular copy. 😂 Thoughts?

In the meantime, I carry on with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I will update you all next week! What are you plans for this summer weekend? :)


  1. Have the book and don't mind waiting for another week to read/discuss. Actually, I like the book title. :) Oh, wow, another NEANDERTHAL with an un-air conditioned house! Thought I was the last one on the planet to hear people talk. Thankfully, we live in the country with a lot of trees so it's relatively cooler (trying to convince myself here) and we have fans - the blowing kind! Not the rock band kind. :)
    Have never really wanted to read the Harry Potter books but I'm working my way through the Miss Zukas library mysteries again. Gotta love, Wilhelmenia Zukas. Plans for weekend: Write, revise, finish an edit job. Crafting has to wait for cooler weather which is coming! Going to plant my flowers on Saturday after First Saturday Mass - we are on our second again. It's suppose to be 82 - absolutely cool wave!

    1. Hi Donna Alice! The humidity broke overnight here, and holy *#@! do I feel better. :0 My body does NOT like heat and humidity like that. It was not good.

  2. I'm all for moving the book club discussion back a week. The exact same thing happened to me -- requested the library purchase it digitally and then forgot to check it out once they did. I finally got the book yesterday after a few weeks on the waitlist, but haven't started yet. I guess us book clubbers are procrastinators :)

    1. Kevin, right? lol! Glad I'm not alone! Now you have extra reading time. :)

  3. I intend to stay in the air-conditioner and read, watch some ballgames and a little television.

  4. I agree 4th of July on Wednesday is SO WEIRD!! All day I was like it's oh i have to go to work tomorrow. I work at a busy restaurant opened on the 4th and it made the crowds weird b/c mon n tues was busy for people that took sat-wed off and our thurs and fri are pretty busy for the ppl that took wed-sun off work.

    That is too funny about the bookclub book. Maybe the dramatic title caught peoples attention. Waiting a week is okay with me since I haven't even started it yet. HA! I wonder who these people are checking it out they need to join our bookclub! LOL

    1. Beth Anne, ha ha! Mike told me to call my friend who lives around the block (a fellow Catholic, also a big reader and philosopher like him) and tell her to return the book, because he was convinced it was her, LOL!

  5. I ended up buying the book since it wasn't in any of the library collections I had access to. I considered requesting the library buy it or using interlibrary loan but wasn't sure how long those options would take and the plan was to read it in July. I was out of town July 5-8 and took the book with me. I ended up with more time to read than I expected so I've finished the first part but putting off the discussion gives me more time to read the second part.

    1. ooo, glad that worked for you, Melanie! Still no notification from the library, but I'm expecting it any day now!


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