Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A return to reality...

Well, hello there, everyone!


I had a REALLY fun time talking to you all last week about our upcoming Lenten Book Club. Tons of interesting comments were left here and in the Facebook group, and the resulting discussion was fabulous! Lots of votes have been cast, and there's actually currently a tie! This is the most drama we've ever seen in a Life of a Catholic Librarian book club poll. :0

It's all very exciting! We'll see where the votes are ate on January 30th and go from there.


In the meantime...yeah, it's officially mid-January. What does this mean? This means that the holiday/New Year's glow has faded, and we have gone from glamorous belly dancing gigs, festive parties, warm fellowship, amazing food and drink, and days spent loafing about the house in my bathrobe while simultaneously crocheting and watching Christmas Hallmark movies, to the following:

(1) The spring semester starts in less than 2 weeks, and to say that we are not ready in our course preparation is the understatement of the century. A feeling of impending doom pervades our floor of the library.

(2) The weather has gone from charmingly wintry and cozy, to gray and cataclysmically polar within a span of 48 hours.

(3) Our "days off" begin with $1200 orthodontic appointments for one of my offspring.

(4) The dance studio is so cold that glamour goes out the window in favor of gigantic fuzzy socks and shroud-like sweaters.

(5) My new car and cute new suede boots are both covered with salt.

(6) My DVR has become clogged with Hallmark Winterfest movies that I have no time to watch.


Indeed, the bloom is officially off of the rose. I'm no longer basking in money showers and glittery costumes. I am stewing in a pit of lesson plans and dirty snow.


It's too bad, truly it is. I suppose, though, that this is what makes those good times all the sweeter. We'll get there. The semester will start, and it won't be nearly so bad as I fear. And then Lent will come, and we'll all enjoy each other's companionship on that journey quite well, I am sure. I also have some fun dance events coming up, including a very dancey weekend, with two choreography-intensive classes, plus a show that I'm attending. Life is good! Snowy, but good. God save us all from this frozen precipitation "wonderland."

What are you up to this cold January day, dear readers? Report in for duty, please! :-)


  1. Oh man! Winter is def. here! Even in Florida it has gotten down to the 30s. It's been a crazy winter for sure! I know what you mean about the hallmark movies. I didn't have time to watch enough of them this year :( Booo! I'm excited to see which book we end up reading for Lent...there were so many good choices!

    1. Hi Beth Anne, so nice to hear from you! Yeah, it has been a notable winter this year, that's for sure! I'm excited for Lent too. We definitely have this to look forward to. :)

  2. Trying with all of my might to stay warm...I live in WNY too. Trying to keep my children healthy (currently losing that battle in our house) and getting them moving even though they can't go outside more than 3 minutes at a time. I have been focused on cleaning and changing around the furniture in our living room...filling it with color and warm fuzzy throw blankets and candles!!! I am trying to keep the warmth of the Christmas season going. I am also (I know this a lot) thinking about our Lenten menu. Gina :)

    1. Hi Gina! Right?! I hated when it was too cold to even send the kids outside to play in the snow. Winter is pretty much their favorite time to play outside. :0

  3. Looks like winter is melting somewhat here - of course I discovered all that lovely melting snow outside is now in my basement! It's a cement floor so it will dry - but a mess just the same. Today I just locked the keys in my sister's car - which is bad - she has no second set - but worse - Mom and I were bringing our pillows and blankets back from sister's house where we spent the night. So - until my car-fixing nephew can come - I will be using a Scooby Doo blanket and whatever else I can find in our 'just for emergency use' blanket cupboard! Am wondering about a pillow . . . could drive and buy a new one . . . if I hadn't locked the keys in the car and NO ONE IS home anywhere to take me. And that is only ONE day in January. Kind of reminds me when I was a little girl and my favorite song was, "Goodbye Cruel World, I'm off to Join the Circus." January reminds all over again why I liked it. :) On the positive side, my sister has only 4 more radiation treatments - things are looking good for her. AND I am working on another project . . .
    Life is good. And February is coming right?? I already bought seeds to plant.

    1. Donna Alice! So nice to see you! I'm so sorry about your basement, we often have the same issue. :-\ But that's *wonderful* news about your sister, horray! <3 <3 <3


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