Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Advent Book Club winner!

Hi all! Hope that you are well. I'm freshly off of a sick day with a minor muscle injury, and can I tell you what a JOY it is to lay around in my pj's all day, watching Christmas movies, drinking tea, and shopping an online yarn sale from my laptop? I clearly need to do this much more often. I mean, I'd like to do it every single day, but I suppose the kids have to eat. :0

At any rate, being at home got me to thinking about the holidays coming up, and how I'd like to prepare properly for the Christmas season. First up, of course, is getting the Tea Time podcast started back up, which will include a segment with our Advent Book Club! Our poll closed Monday, and here we have our big winner!

*drum roll*

Yay! So we will have a fiction read for our Advent Book Club. This photo is of the copy that I own of this book, pairing The Christmas Quilt and The New Year's Quilt together, but we will only read the first book. This duo copy is actually pretty inexpensive at Amazon, just $7.19 right now, so if prefer to purchase it, you can continue on and read the New Year's story on your own after we finish. :)

Here's the tentative plan: I'm going to start Tea Time back up right around November 29th, so just before Advent starts. We'll have 4 weeks together, through December 20th/21st, before we break for Christmas hiatus. The book has 5 chapters, and in my particular copy, most of them are 45ish pages.
Here is the schedule I'm proposing:

November 29th/30th - Chapter 1
December 6th/7th - Chapter 2
December 13th/14th - Chapter 3 (this one is a bit longer)
December 19th/20th - Chapters 4 and 5 (Chapter 4 is a normal length, and Chapter 5 is much shorter).

I figure as we move closer to the end of the book, we'll be wanting to see what happens, and are more apt to read further. :) I'm not certain what day I'll post each week, but I'll endeavor the Wednesdays or Thursdays! Then you are free to comment anytime you wish, as you move through the book. You can comment on the Tea Time post with your thoughts each week, or over in the thread I'll start each week in our Facebook group. Fun, right?!

The options that did not get selected, but did get votes, were all non-fiction/devotional options. So there  was definitely interest in those titles as well. I'm planning to complete the Blessed is She Advent Journal this year, and if anybody is interested in following along with weekly Advent reflections via that journal or another of your choosing, I could start up a way for us to chat about that as well for the season. A thread in the Facebook group would be easy peasy. If you're not on Facebook, but would like that option, please comment below, and we'll figure something out. :)

OK, I'm all excited! What do you all think of the schedule?


  1. That schedule sounds good to me. Off to request the book from the library.

  2. That sounds like a good schedule! Ordered it off Amazon, along with one of the devotionals. :-)

  3. Sounds great and my copy is on my desk. Be good to have something to anticipate after the holiday.


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