Friday, August 18, 2017

Tea Time with Tiffany #109 - How to *not* feel overwhelmed...

It's an organization-focused episode this week of:

Had a little bit of a technical mishap today, and the audio didn't record on my video. 😡 So no video this week, but I do have the separate audio for the podcast feed, so that's all we have this week, sorry about that! I put lipstick on and everything. :0

This week we talk about strategies for evading that sense of being overwhelmed as we segue into Back-to-School season full force!

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Prayer Corner: St. Monica novena starts Friday 8/18, sponsored by Pray More Novenas. You can now also sign up for Facebook Messenger notifications by following the directions in this post!

Creative Commons: The Rhinebeck Sweater continues to grow. :0 I'll have a photo as soon as I join the back and can try it on!

What's going on with you this weekend, dear listener? What are your ideas for feeling less overwhelmed?


  1. That is a lot of grafting. I last used the kitchener stitch to graft some potholders together. I had knit them in the round so that there would be more fabric to protect hands and counters and I thought using the kitchener stitch would look nicer than sewing the ends together. However, I must not have been paying enough attention because I ended up with holes I then had to go and fix. Not too bad because they are just potholders but I would hate to have holes in something more important.

    Thanks for the sheepy book recommendation. I requested it from the library.

    1. ooooo, so glad you ordered the book from the library! Drop me a line when you start, I'll read it along with you! It's been sitting on my bookcase forever.

      So, the grafting. I did the 3 needle bindoff, and it went fine. It *does* leave a seam though, albeit a neat one. thinking that the Kitchener would have been less visible, BUT that exhausts me just to think about it. Nearly 80 stitches. No thank you. The seam is in the lower back, and I doubt anybody will even see it. That's what I'm telling myself, at least. ;-)

    2. I bet no one notices the seam. If they do they are likely another knitter and admiring your sweater / trying to figure out how it was made. You can tell them the seam is a design feature. :)


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