Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is drawing near...

...and I just caught Anne this morning trying to climb the stairs. I just had to whine about that. We can all go back to our coffee now.

Anyway, I'm in the throes of finishing up my Christmas crafting and shopping. I really, *really* want both of them to be done, like, yesterday, but yet they persevere. That doesn't even get into the wrapping situation, which is abysmal. I have reduced myself to demanding pleading with Mike to combine our efforts and wrap together.


He has agreed, which has done little to reduce my panic, for whatever reason. I still have a few gifts to buy, and although the end of my Christmas knitting is within spitting distance, I have not yet reached the promised land. I'm still finishing up Mike's gifts, and I have to do a bit of sewing on a few others. The sewing should get done between today and tomorrow, and the wrapping will commence tonight after the kids are in bed. Mike's gift may not be completely done, but what can I do? Who says you need *2* socks anyway?!

As ever, I'm feeling anxious about hosting holiday meals, and chasing after the baby in larger family gatherings. But I'm going to try my best to just relax and enjoy everything. *snort!* It's our first Christmas with Anne, and that's special.

I'll try to keep the tornadoing down to an absolute minimum.

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