Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Where You Go to Chooch?"

That would be Henry, my little inquisitor. Guaranteed that whenever he encounters a new person, he will ask where they attend church. Many of the people that I know are Catholics or otherwise devout Christians, so they happily tell him, and he's fascinated every time. There is the inevitable squirming that comes about when Henry asks this question of someone who does not regularly attend church, but I like to think that it plants an important seed :) He always goes on to inform everyone, "I go to St. Paul's" so that they will have this vital piece of information. It's very, very cute. He's a great little Catholic. And he has wonderful cheeks, to boot. I could kiss them forever.

In other news, I picked up the fledgling baby blanket I'm making for my neighbor's new baby last night. I'm really enjoying making it. I have to be honest and admit that I love having a deadline - it keeps me motivated. It's the Type A personality, I can't help it. I worked on a row last night with puff stitiches, and for whatever reason, it gave me a heck of a time. Not the puff stitches themselves. Once I loosened my stitches, that is. I think it's the personality again, but my stitiches are often wound pretty tightly. So, after that remedy, I puffed away with much success. However, the pattern calls for a chain or two between each puff stitch, and I kept getting distracted talking to my husband and losing count. So, once I moved to the next row, my single crochet stitch count was quickly falling to the brink of disaster. I ended up having to pull out a bunch of puffs and chains and re-do them. So, I did get the row done, but not much more then that, sigh. With the baby due October 28th, I really need to get my crochet needle in gear.

I have to work a short evening reference shift tonight. I plan to race home, grab a quick shower, and be crocheting by 8 pm. Excited.

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