Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer saints & new podcast adventures...

Happy Wednesday all! It's a *steamy* day here in Western New York, very high humidity. I have come to appreciate the summer as best I can for it's attributes, but if I'm being honest it is my least favorite season of the year. I don't enjoy sweating and being hot, and that happens a lot here in July and August. :) It's of short duration in my corner of the country though, so I press on!

I have a few things to share with you today. The first is that my July piece for is up for the month! I talk about spiritual refreshment during this long summer stretch of Ordinary Time. I include a list of my top 2 favorite summer spiritual activities. Do you have your own list? I would love for you to comment over at Catholic Mom and leave the readers there some additional ideas!

Pretty please? ;-)

In other news, Cristina and I are recording the July edition of Planned Not Scripted today! This will be our very first installment of the Late Summer Book Club, wherein we will discuss The Summer Before the War, by Helen Simonson. If you've been reading along, or you would like to begin now (there's still plenty of time, we're reading through September!) please do tune in! The episode should be up Thursday or Friday. We're super excited and hope you are too!

My podcast adventures over the course of the past year, both Planned Not Scripted as well as Tea Time With Tiffany, have brought me great joy. It's something that I have been wanting to do for some time, and finally gained (through much trial and error) the technical skills to do. I know that I am still in the infancy of my journey (for any sound quality issues so far, I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE :0) but I'm really getting there. I'm looking forward to sharing in this journey with you in the years to come.


If you have any podcast topic ideas for me, please do write in! Maggi left me a great idea for tomorrow's Tea Time, and I can't wait to talk with you all about it then!


  1. Summer is BLAZING here this year. I don't usually like to rush things but I am SO READY FOR ALL THE PUMPKINS. lol Enjoyed the article at Catholic Mom a lot! And of course, cannot WAIT for the next Tea Time! :D

  2. Maggi, I don't like to rush my life away either, but MAN. Super uncomfortable here right now! I LOVE pumpkin season. :0 I try to treasure each and every fall day, because I look forward to them all year long! I'm looking forward to Tea Time too! We had some technical difficulties with Planned Not Scripted today that I'm bummed about. :-\ We need a resolution for our recording software suddenly not cooperating with Skype. That is one of the unfortunate challenges to a co-hosted podcast. Tea Time is easy, which I'm grateful for. :)

  3. Ugh, sorry about the tech glitches! Technology is the cause of and solution to all of life's problems? lol Hope it's worked out soon!

  4. Thanks Maggi! We're doing video in the meantime, but not nearly as convenient for many people as downloadable audio!


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