Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A memorable Memorial Day weekend with friends...

Coming off of a weekend like this one is always incredibly bittersweet. I have felt this way since I was a child. I used to have a calendar that I'd use to cross off the days until my family flew to southern California over Easter break to visit relatives there. This was literally hundreds of days in advance. Then the trip would come and go in a whirlwind of excitement, and you're left feeling empty for a time thereafter. It's like the lead up to your wedding day in a sense. ;-) Tons of anticipation for a short spell of glory, then a crash back down to earth and regular life.

And so I'm feeling incredibly melancholy this morning with missing Cristina.

*sob!* It was a tough, tough goodbye yesterday morning. But let's start back at the beginning, shall we?

Friday evening I was rehearsing with my dance troupe, anxiously awaiting Cristina's arrival. Nobody looked at me funny for rushing back and forth to compulsively check my phone, for which I give them much kudos. Just as we were finishing up, I got the text that Cristina and family had gotten to their hotel.

*trumpets blare!*

I changed and dashed over. Because I am a nerd, I took a before and after picture:

Awaiting Cristina's trek down to the lobby...
And then the big moment...

A happy reunion after 9 months of separation. We immediately started talking a mile a minute, and headed out to have drinks:

Upon arriving, we proceeded to simultaneously people watch and talk non-stop, and soon I was laughing so hard that my eyes were watering. Let's just say that our surroundings were filled with several interesting situations, and leave it at that. To discuss further would lend scandal. :0

The next day, we towed along both of our families for some touristy millings about. It was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit here that day, a very uncommon occurrence, but we bravely forged onward. My skin let me know right away it was super unhappy about this whole Sun Situation, and I still have a heat rash on my hands and arms to show for it. Aren't you so glad for all of these details?! :0

Piercing Sun notwithstanding, we had an outstanding time, and Anne's posture on the way to lunch pretty much sums it up for all of us:

So much excitement she can't even keep her eyes open anymore.
On this trip, it wasn't just Cristina and I: there was bonding all around. Henry with Cristina's sons Alex and Gabriel. My husband Mike with her husband Mike. Anne and Cristina are now spiritual Godmother/Godchild, or something akin to that. Everybody spent time getting to know each other, and it was absolutely precious.

Saturday night, Cristina and I had more girl time at dinner by ourselves:


...wherein we drank dessert martinis and ate olive tapenade for hours. We came to an agreement that "martini" pretty much means at least 2 forms of hard alcohol smushed together in a martini glass. We talked nonstop once again. With each other, and with the bartenders who were very interested in Cristina's Our Lady of Guadalupe tattoo. We made plans for future trips, and to retire to the same city. :0 We took a walk after dinner and scouted houses for aforementioned possible retirement plans. ;-)

Sunday we went to Mass, and the four of us spent the entire day socializing over good food and drink back at my house while the kids ran around outside in the sprinkler. We made more travel plans for the families to get together again, and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT.

Monday morning we all had breakfast together before they had to leave. I was already feeling on the edge of crying throughout, and so when the time came to say goodbye, it was to the surprise of absolutely NO ONE when I started sobbing. The last goodbye, in August of 2015, was hard. But this was much harder. I know that we'll be seeing everyone again, but it's still so, so hard. Even both kids have been moping around, wanting to place a call to their new friends. It's been rough.

I'll definitely talk about more fun highlights from the trip on Tea Time this Thursday. And tomorrow, we have summer book plans to make. ;-)

In the meantime, how was YOUR Memorial Day weekend, dear reader?!


  1. Sounds like you and Christina had a great time together. This weekend I spent time with my parents and some family friends, worked on a sewing project present for a cousin, and finally blocked my Downton Abbey shawl. I'll take some pictures after I unpin it from the carpet this evening and post them to Ravelry.

  2. Hi Melanie! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend as well! And GIRL! So excited to see your shawl! Refresh my memory: are we friends on Ravelry? #oldbraincells

  3. Hi Tiffany,

    Yes, we are friends on Ravelry. My username there (koala750) doesn't have my name in it so it would be easy to forget it's mine. :) For anyone who is interested my shawl is here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Koala750/yorkshire-skies but you have to have a Ravelry account to view it.

  4. Melanie, IT.IS.BEAUTIFUL!! Great job girlie, and I love the colorway you chose!


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