Thursday, August 6, 2015

Video extra: Wine Time with Tiff and Cristina :0

Hi all! Today I have lots of fun stuff to share, so let's settle in with our beverages, yes?

It's 10 am as I'm typing this, so I'll HAVE YOU KNOW that I'm drinking tea. :) But on Monday evening, on my final night of visiting with Cristina, we were drinking Malbec. And we recorded a video chronicling our favorite parts of the visit. I just had my phone with me (and not my web cam) so the quality isn't as nice as it's been, but hey, we work with what we're given. ;-) It's also a little longer than usual, but I think we can agree that this was a special occasion. They'll be shorter again starting next week. And so without further ado, here we go!

Items mentioned in this episode:
Fun? Yes, so fun. I feel very blessed to have Cristina's friendship in my life. Do you have a best friend in your life that you can't see in person as often as you'd like? Do write in and tell us all about it. :) Oh! And if you want us to try and record the other mysteries of the rosary, let us know that too!


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