Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Guess what I'm planning?!

How's that for a mysterious title?  And the answer is: A couple of exciting things! Where to begin, where to begin...right. I need to go brew tea. Hold on one sec!


*adds cream*

OK, good, I'm back. And I'm all excited. Guess what came in the mail yesterday courtesy of Amazon Prime?

*drum roll*

Ta DA!!!!! The audio recorder. This means two things. (1) that I can start recording the downloadable chaplet prayers I've been speaking of, and (2) that I can record things WHEN I GO VISIT CRISTINA THIS WEEKEND!!!!


Oh, the frivolity and revelry that will commence!! We have some fun recording plans, but I'm not going to spoil the surprise, so no further details just yet! But rest assured that they will be a riot. I'll talk about my trip more tomorrow during our official Tea Time.

But back to the recorder. I've already taken it out of it's little package and given it a careful examination. It's going to take me a little time to figure out exactly how to work it, and I need to scare up a USB/micro USB cable which I'm sure exist and have multiplied somewhere in my house, but yet they're shy and are currently HIDING. We'll get there. I need to have it figured out by Saturday, and then after that, I need to record the chaplet prayers and go back over my CNMC notes for file storage and all of that good stuff. It'll happen, but it may take me a solid couple of weeks after I get back from my trip to have a chaplet to debut to you. I'll keep you posted! I'm aiming for an A+ in the Capt. Jeff School of Audio Productions. ;-)

Super, duper exciting. But wait, there's more! I've been hankering to start a 54 day rosary novena, and now that the novena to St. Anne is complete, I think I'm going to start...

Our start date will be this Sunday (Aug. 2nd), and thus we'll wrap up on Thursday September 24th (my mom's birthday!). I'll post a page at the top of the blog about it before the end of this week, and there may or may not be a recording that will come out to complement it at some point (translation: as soon as Tiffany can figure out the techie stuff). I'm just *saying*. ;-)

OK, who is in on the novena with me?! Write in and let me know if you'll be praying along. And if you have chaplet special requests, let me know those too! Let me do a quick list of the ones I'll definitely be recording. We have:

Our Lady Star of the Sea
Our Lady of the Snows
7 Sorrows of Mary
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
St. Therese
St. Kateri Indian Rosary
St. Dymphna
St. Anne
St. Cecilia

Have a special chaplet in mind that you'd like me to record so that we can pray together? Leave a comment!


  1. I'm so excited for you! If you need any help, I'm happy to help with your podcast. Cliff' Ravenscraft's learn to podcast video series is an excellent resource as well. The Captain has helped me a few times as well ;)

  2. Steph, thanks so much! I may take you up on this. :0


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