Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventures in (almost) video chatting...

BIG NEWS: The Catholic Librarian is entering the 21st century. She has finally acquired...

*dramatic music crescendos*

...a web cam!

Yes, I know. For most people, a web cam in itself is already outdated technology, but for me this is all newfangled and exciting. I don't have a smartphone or a (good) tablet, and so I've never been able to do video chatting of any kind. I do all sorts of other chatting, fear not, but no video involved. However, I've got some stuff planned in which I'd like to be able to record a Google Hangout on Air, and so, you know, I need to be able to hangout. On air. So I ordered an inexpensive web cam with a microphone.

I made Shauna'h test it out with me, and we had a lot of troubleshooting to do to get the microphone to work properly, but eventually all was well. I found out two things in the process:

(a) inexpensive web cams don't put out the best picture quality, as you might imagine, and

(b) the sound stinks.

But you know, it's something.

And so last night I was scheduled to video chat with Cristina. Cristina and I have now known each other for about a year, and have developed a close and wonderful friendship, but we have never met in person. And although we've talked on the phone, we have never been able to combine talking with being able to see the other person. So this was like a big moment. :0

And it made me realize that video chatting adds a whole 'nother element to this new media thing. I like hiding behind my computer screen, it's my favorite way to interact with people. :0 But now...they can see me!

Picture it: Scene at my house after I put Anne down for bed, just prior to our scheduled chat start time...

"Hon, what are you doing? I thought you were going to wash your hair tonight?"

"I did. I just...dried it and straightened it."

And put on fresh make up, but I didn't deign to mention that right at that point.


"I'm going to be video chatting with Cristina, remember?"

"Well yeah, but I don't think she would care if you had wet hair."

"Well I know she wouldn't, but that's not the point, now is it?"


"Ooookkkkk, but I still...are you wearing earrings?"

"Yes." *pause* "Why is that significant?" *innocent sniff*

"You're nuts."

He said it affectionately. ;-) Although he's probably now worried that I'm having some sort of secret affair. :0

But really, it's like meeting someone for the first time in any sort of a situation. You want to put your best foot forward and make a good impression, no? This makes perfect sense to me. It's also why I carefully selected my chatting outfit. #maybeIamnuts

But in the end, we weren't able to connect due to various life interruptions, which is just how things go sometimes. So there will be more evening hair straightening and makeup application in my agenda later on this week, hee! It's going to be super fun though, the stuff we have planned. I will keep you posted!

And don't forget that tomorrow is Catholic Book Club day! I'll be discussing Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler. If you've read the book, join in with your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I am cracking up. Because... I thought you wrote "maybe lam nuts" and I repeated it to myself a few times and you should have seen the light go on! OHHH #MaybeIAmNuts oh dear, I think I really am nuts! xo

  2. I saw the same thing you did, Cristina! I hope your chat works out next time. :)


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