Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Veiling Project 2013: A linkup!!

Hi all! It's the big day, the first Monday of Advent! This is the official linkup post for the Advent Veiling Project 2013, for those who wish to blog about their experiences headcovering at Mass during this beautiful liturgical season. Welcome to everyone!

I have written about how I got started wearing a headcovering to Mass before, so check that post out to read about my veiling adventures. I thought I would write today about my first Sunday of Advent, which includes a new veil, and then set you all loose to linkup.

SO. I've been excited about Advent since, oh...the summer, so this is the insanity we're working with here. I love all of the traditions associated with this season, and having young children to share them with just makes it all that much sweeter. In fact, we bought our tree on Saturday, and put out all of the decorations, leading to Amusing Quote Of The Week #1:

"The decorations are all on the tree, Mommy. How do I add the garlic bread?"

"Garlic bread? Do you mean *garland*?"

"Oh. yeah."

Yep, that would be Henry. He comes up with some good ones.

Saturday evening, we decided to attend the vigil Mass as a family, and can I just say...sublime. I *love* seeing the candles lit in the darkened church, just beautiful. We arrived perky, me in my new veil:

Why yes, that would be the official liturgical color I'm wearing. #CatholicNerd

In tow is the newly crowned Miss SassyPants 2013, Anne:

Along with Mike and Henry, of course. However, Mike and Henry generally do not disappear clandestinely from view and then announce (Amusing Quote of the Week #2):


So you can see why I had to stay vigilant that this child did not crawl under the pew at any moment during the Mass, no? Keeping vigilant: our theme for Advent this year.

I had to snort at the pediatrician last week when she asked about Anne's motor skills, specifically inquiring as to whether she could undress herself.

"Well, yes. But not when we want her to. Think: under the table during Thanksgiving dinner."

Isn't that always the way of things with 2 year olds?

Anyway, I digress. Where were we? Oh yes! Mass. I adore my new veil and this style of covering works fabulous for the inevitable on and off actions that are necessary to my role in Anne Wrangling during Mass. I would certainly be a contender at the Veil Olympics if such a thing existed. On at the start of Mass. Off to drag Anne out from under the pew. On again for the Liturgy of the Word. Off to retrieve Goldfish crackers that spilled on the floor. On for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Off to pick up the coats that were arranged as a fort. On for communion...

But it went well. I noticed a few other women wearing hats, and felt solidarity with them. :) Although very few women wear headcoverings to Mass at my parish, nobody seems to look at me funny for doing so, which is the way that it should be. This is a private devotion, a personal preference. I feel grateful to worship in a community of faith that accepts all of us.
Back to Advent. I absolutely love the feeling of expectation that pervades this season. The readings and prayers during the liturgy during this time really encapsulate that. Mass was beautiful.

Yesterday, we lit the first candle on our Advent wreath, and I had Henry lead the Blessing of the Advent Wreath from December's issue of Magnificat. He was a sport about everything. Anne looked on, wide eyed and adorable. The children also have multiple Advent calendars, each year they multiply like rabbits. Henry has a Lego Star Wars Advent calendar that he opens the instant he awakens, a gift from his aunt and uncle. We have a paper Advent calendar with scripture verses, and each child has a chocolate calendar. Anne begins her lobby for the next window to be opened the instant she consumes that day's chocolate. :) We also have a wood calendar that I didn't put out this year simply because we are being overrun by Advent calendars and I figured I should show some restraint. :0 Our family Advent is off to a beautiful start.

As I do nearly every Advent, last night I started re-reading Jan Karon's Shepherd's Abiding. This is a book set during *Advent* (not Christmas!) and I LOVE it. It will leave you with lightness in your step, and hope in your heart. I highly recommend it.

I also have my Magnificat Advent Companion at hand each day (still available for Kindle, although the print copies are sold out). I love the opportunity to refocus my efforts at prayer as we await the celebration of Our Savior's birth.

Bringing things full circle, veiling helps me do that at Mass. Seeing the lace out of the corner of my eye on the sides of my face helps me to remember why I am there when my mind wanders or I become distracted. I am there to pray and to worship Our Lord. I am so grateful for the rhythm of the liturgical year, and to be here with you all this Advent. :)

Ok, the big moment!! If you all have an interest in Christian headcovering this Advent, write a post and link up! There are also veil giveaways going on throughout the season, and I will post separately about each of those, as well as link you up on Twitter, so keep in touch! Here is a list of the vendors:

Liturgical Time - December 1st-4th, winner announced 12/5 (you could win the veil I'm pictured wearing in this post!)
Designs by Birgit - December 5th-8th, winner announced 12/9
Silver Hill Treasures - December 9th-12th, winner announced 12/13
Veils by Lily - December 13th-16th, winner announced 12/17
Peter's Bride - December 17th-20th, winner announced 12/21

The vendors will be announcing the winners at their own blogs. Do enter for a chance to win some absolutely *stunning* veils!

If you Tweet about the linkup or giveaways, you are welcome to use the hashtags:


I am @CatholicTiffany if you'd like to follow me (hi!).

Many thanks to both Cristina (@fillpraycloset) and Emily (Mrs_EDavis) for helping to organize all of this!

Ok, what are you waiting for? Go forth and link up! The linkup will be live until Christmas Day. Make sure to include a link back to this blog, many thanks!


  1. I hope this project brings us closer than we already are.
    Is that possible?
    With God all things I take that as a yes!

  2. Tiffany...thanks for all your hard work.

    I am sorry for the double link up. Unfortunately, I did the first one from my phone and it doesn't load like my regular blog so I re-did it...and didn't know how to delete the first one (which you can do if you want).

    Looking forward as we all join together.

  3. Tiffany. It's great to read that you wear a veil to church. It warms my heart to meet other women and girls who do so.


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