Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lots of planning and organizing going on with your Catholic Librarian...

Did you ever have one of those experiences in which you think to yourself: "I really want to do ___." And yet you put it off, because it just seems...complicated or time consuming. Some part, deep inside your brain, assures you that it likely *isn't* very complicated, but yet anytime the opportunity arises to look more deeply into the issue you don't take it. Why? I have no notion. Laziness, perhaps, in my case.

This is all a very deep thinking introduction to announce that:

I have finally figured out how to create paged tabs at the top of this blog.


Not exactly an earth shattering revelation, but one that I have wanted to do for like...the life of this blog, and yet I never really looked into how to do. WELL. I know how now, and you can expect me to get all Type A on you and add about 10 tabs over the course of the next month. Any way to over-organize things and I'm on it like gravy on mashed potatoes.

The impetus was that I wanted to create a seasonal home for the upcoming Advent veiling linkup. So you will now notice a tab at the top where that linkup will be stickied throughout the season. I'll also put links in there to the giveaway posts, because yes, there will be veil giveaways! As well as other related posts from my fellow collaborators on this project, Cristina and Emily.

I'd like to also create an official About Me page, thought that might be nice. So, more to come on this aspect of a mini re-design of the blog. I'm excited!

In other news, I'm slated to receive my Jesse Tree ornament set soon, and I'd like to blog about each ornament on it's given day throughout Advent. Well, maybe. That might be a little ambitious. But I will definitely blog about our experience with incorporating this tradition into our Advent activities for the first time.

Lots of Advent-related fun to come! I hope that you will all share it with me.

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