Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Advent veiling project, because who else could think this stuff up?

I've been conspiring with Cristina (we do this often, and seriously, it's SO MUCH FUN). We've been talking about Advent, and have ordered matching purple veils to wear during the season, because we are gigantic nerds. And loving every minute of it.

I have worn a headcovering to Mass for some time. It's a personal devotion, I enjoy it and find it edifying, you can read about it in the link if you like. I have some coverings that tie under my hair, and even headbands, those are a nice way to get started if you feel conspicuous wearing a longer veil. Eventually, I moved to an eternity veil and I wear that every Sunday now. I love it. It helps me to focus, and I no longer feel conspicuous wearing it. I am the only woman at my parish who wears a headcovering, but you get to that point of people knowing that you're the one who wears the veil and nobody cares anymore. To each her own. :)

I love my brown veil so much that I decided to get a purple one for Advent and Lent. Because what kind of Catholic nerd would I be if I didn't match my veil to the liturgical season?!

As we await our purple veils, Cristina and I got to talking: for anybody who has ever considered wearing a headcovering to Mass, want to try it out this Advent? The first Monday of Advent, I will post a linkup here and leave it up through Christmas. You can link your blog post(s) about your veiling experience for Advent 2013. I wanted to announce it now so that everyone could get planning. :) and ordering a veil/other headcovering if you don't already own one. Do consider Michelle's stunning Etsy shop, Liturgical Time. Her veils are made with prayer and love and are just gorgeous. It does take her several weeks to make them after you place your order, so if you want one from her go shop now! I also heartily recommend Cam's Etsy shop, A Snood for All Seasons, for anyone who prefers a snood or kerchief style/headband covering. She has all sorts of beautiful colors and fabrics!

And SO...be on the lookout for The Advent Veiling Linkup Project, coming soon to Life of a Catholic Librarian. :) Join us on Twitter too! #VeilProject

Cristina made this. I kind of love it, isn't it precious? She's posting on veiling tomorrow, so don't forget to head to her blog then to read up! (I really want to use the phrase "Advent Fever" right here, but I'm thinking that might be over the top).


  1. It's happening! It's all happening. I am so excited for this project! I think we should totally add #AdventFever to this too! I will add to my draft post set to be published tomorrow! I love this season, I love tradition, I love our faith and I love you! Thanks for conspiring with me.

  2. I'm excited! Yay! I am going to do berets and slouchy hats. I have one on the knitting needles and one in the mail via Pick Your Plum :)

  3. "Advent Fever."

    Ha ha - I love i! Not over the top in the least.


    BTW, I have the same purple veil from Liturgical Time. LOVE the color!!!

    1. I've been veiling for about five years now (after taking that many years to get up the nerve to start, after I first thought of doing it). I think I'm in for the Advent link-up! :)

  4. I, too, make veils as well as veiling (since Mother’s Day 2012) and am looking forward to the Advent Veil Link-up. Since you have listed several ladies who make and sell veils, I was wondering if you would consider listing mine as well. No worries if that’s not possible – it’s always worth asking. ;-)

    Here’s a link to some of my veils (just in case): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151097449426760.487581.402602941759&type=3

  5. So glad that all of you are joining us! Lots of news to come on the giveaways (thanks Birgit!!).


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