Monday, October 7, 2013

Catholic Women's Almanac {CWA No. 9}

 It's a rainy day here in western New York, and although I do love the rain, I'm wishing it were cool and nippy out. You know, how fall is supposed to be. :) Instead, we're having record mild weather combined with a family of ants that desperately wants our home to be their home and they are being quite persistent. Me no liking. But we persevere! Here is how my previous week has gone and what I'm projecting ahead...

Thanking God for...

My husband and children. Mike loves classic movies, and Henry has taken an affinity to them as well. We've been watching some things on TCM together after Anne goes to bed, and it's been such a blessing.

My job. It isn't perfect, but I'm grateful to have it.


The novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

That I may be a better wife and mother.

That I may do better in keeping with a daily prayer routine.


How I can incorporate Adoration into my weekly routine. Adoration has always been a heavy hitter for me, and I would love to attend regularly. That just seems like the perfect opportunity for discernment and *listening*. 

In my Home...

No apple pie (the kids have been eating the apples we picked on their own, and I don't want to discourage them), but we *have* been using our crock pot like champs this fall. Yesterday we made a soup with Polish sausage, chicken, rice, and a bell pepper and onion stir fry. It was delicious. And seriously, I LOVE kielbasa. And I feel like I've been deprived of it for my entire life.

"Mom, can we have Polish sausage sometime?"

*Mother looks scandalized*

"We're Italian. We eat Italian sausage."

"Wellll...yes, but I don't think we're turning our backs on our people by having other sausage sometimes."

This was a tough sell to my very Italian mother. And since she never bought it, I could never *find* it in the grocery store. A manhunt over by the Italian sausage has always yielded nada. Well, Saturday at my local market I was complaining about this to Mike when inspiration struck: over by the hot dogs. It's like kielbasa heaven over there. WHO KNEW!!! This has revolutionized my world, people.


Shirt of Flame: A Year with St. Therese of Lixieux, by Heather King, for the October edition of Catholic Book Club. I'm a few chapters in, and I'm enjoying the author's approach to this project. She's working in a LOT of St. Therese's writing while also weaving in her own personal story.

In fiction, I just started Saints Preserve Us, A Cozy Mystery (Ronnie Lord Mystery #1), by L.K. Ellwood. This was (and still is!) a Kindle freebie for anybody who is interested. It's based around an English professor whose somewhat distant ancestor is being considered for canonization. That's as far as I've gotten :) but I'm enjoying the Catholic setting.

I finished A Cowboy's Touch (A Big Sky Romance), by Denise Hunter. I really liked the Montana setting of this book, and I always enjoy a good "workaholic goes to the country and becomes refreshed emotionally and spiritually" story, but this book did leave me wanting a bit. The main conflict between hero and heroine just felt contrived to me. I can't believe the heroine wouldn't have realized the hero would have a huge problem with this one thing that she was planning to do to him, and when he was understandably angry I felt she completely deserved it. When you feel animosity toward fictional characters, this is a bit of a problem, no? :0


Currently I'm working on a cabled sweater in an autumn-hued yarn that I'm hoping to wear on Thanksgiving (may be a pipe dream). It's a bottom up sweater, and let's just say I haven't gotten much done besides the bottom.

In other crafting news, the yarn for my Jesse Tree swap lambs arrived last week, and the lambing process has begun. As of this morning, we now have 10 lamb bodies, awaiting further instructions. It's currently a little lamb assembly line in my knitting bag. I need to make 20 more, and then we'll move on to Phase 2: Legs. I'm sure the lambs will be very grateful to have those. After that, we have Phases 3 & 4: Stuff & String. Next week I promise to include a photo of the burgeoning flock, so stay tuned for that!

The instant Anne saw the yarn, still even in the skein, she exclaimed: "Sheepie! Baaaaa Baaaaa..." Doesn't this yarn (in the "Natural" colorway) just scream Lamb! to you?! I know it's made from alpaca fiber, but just work with me here.


Anne is breaking in her princess Halloween costume, and the "magic" wand isn't working out quite how she wanted it to...
Check out other almanac posts over at Suspicio! Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. Ohhhh, I LOVE kielbasa!! I grew up across the street from a family whose mom was Polish, and on Holy Saturday (I think? It was in the Triduum, anyway) we'd go with them to the Polish church to get our baskets of eggs, bread, and kielbasa blessed. Mmmmm!

    I can eat the stuff by the slice, but it's also amazing chopped into scrambled eggs with either some mozzarella or some cream cheese and maybe a few slices of green onion...

    On a less drooly note, ants have tried to invade my kitchen, too. I think it's 'cause we had a huge amount of rain here the other day. After messing around with several different ant baits, I've found that Terro baits work the best. I'm talking hundreds of dead ants within 48 hours--awesome!! Bonus: they're basically sugar water and Borax, so while you don't want kids or pets sitting down and chugging them, it's not the end of the world if they do happen to get into one. Had to make a trip to Home Depot to get them, but it was totally worth it.

  2. It's a kielbasa lovefest today, definitely. *Awesome* idea about the omlettes, truly stellar. :)

  3. Eucharistic Adoration! I too have been pondering in the secret, deeps of my heart. I am right across the street. So close, yet so far. Must discern more like you. Maybe we can go at the same times and include prayers our families, the world, peace, babies, fallen away Catholics, carried away Catholics (like us!) :)

    1. Ok, you seriously have the best ideas!! Mike Gannon on Twitter mentioned this in the context of his friend Channing becoming a postulant in a cloistered order. He can't see her, or even write to her, but he asked the Mother Superior for the hours that Channing will be praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament so that he could pray in Adoration at the same time, and they could pray together in this way. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Let's talk. :)

  4. I read that!!!!!! What a beautiful, beautiful sharing he wrote. I don't have the best ideas, I've just got a great muse - the Holy Spirit!!! :)

    Early in the morning, on a weekend? Evenings after work probably aren't the best for me at all. I already have RCIA on Monday nights. Although ..... we don't have a class Monday. SO maybe Tuesday, before the 7PM mass, like 6:30PM for 30 mins we could do it and then I would go to mass from 7-7:30PM and then float home from all the grace received. Thoughts?!?!?!?

  5. Yeah, I'm with you, evenings during the week aren't good. Hum...are you thinking of Tuesday 10/15? Not sure, will have to check and get back to you. We'll find something!

  6. Yes exactly. 10/15. Not that I've checked with the hubs or anything.... :)

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