Monday, October 28, 2013

Catholic Women's Almanac {CWA No. 11}

Hi all, I missed you last week (*kisses!*), since I was traveling on Monday and then didn't have an opportunity to do a CWA installment! Glad to be back. :) So, what's happening with me this week...

Thanking God for...

My husband and children, and my vocation to wife and motherhood.

Good friends who battle demons with me in my dreams, you know who you are. :)

My incredibly happy life, all ups, downs, and mediocrity included.


The St. Therese chaplet. I ordered one, and it came in this weekend!
For all those who have asked for my prayers.


Discernment. What does God want me to do at this stage of my life? How can I hear God more clearly? Yes, I'm getting all self-reflective and intense on you...

In my Home...

Yeah, I've got nothing. I baked chicken breasts and stuffing last night, does that count?!


I started In Him Alone is Our Hope: The Church According to the Heart of Pope Francis, for the November edition of Catholic Book Club. I'm not certain how many people are reading the books along with me, but I have found that this monthly book review post is an excellent mechanism for *me* to always be doing some spiritual reading, so you're stuck with me on this one. :)

I also started And Then There Were Nuns: Adventures in a Cloistered Life, by Jane Christmas. I absolutely love memoirs like this, wherein a person explores religious communities or different faiths and writes about their experience and ultimate major decision. I saw it reviewed in a recent issue of Booklist and couldn't resist downloading it to my Kindle.


The gift for my knitting group  holiday exchange, shhhhhhhhh!! It's a secret.

Not remotely related to crafty things, but I still consider this part of my "creating" category: I'm working on a series for this blog on vocations. As part of that effort, I'm going to be submitting a list of questions for several priests that I met at the Catholic New Media Conference to answer. What would you like to ask a priest about his vocation? Leave me a comment. :)


I have a bunch of new Twitter friends as a result of my conference attendance last weekend, and someone retweeted a link to this blog: Evangelical to Catholic - My life as a former evangelical Protestant in the Catholic Church. *Fascinating* stuff, I was absorbed in the "Top Posts" area for an entire lunch hour, reading about his faith background, experiences in a Baptist seminary, and then conversion to the Catholic Church. 


A close up of the altar from the chapel in the Pastoral Center, Archdiocese of Boston, where I attended a beautiful Mass concelebrated by 5 priests! A memorable experience, to be sure.

Have a wonderful week everyone! I'm certain that you'll see posts from yours truly this week about Halloween, All Saints Day, and any other amusing antics that I unleash on myself. You will be kept informed, to be sure. And check out other CWA posts over at Suspicio!


  1. Anthony's story (Evangelical to Catholic) is so very amazing & interesting!!

  2. Be intense! Vocation discernment is hard! Then read this...I printed it out for the candidates this evening.


    1. You always have the best links. :) Love you!

  3. Wait a minute...writing IS crafty! It's creative!

  4. I'm reflecting right now on how anything we do is crafty. We should give ourselves credit for being the artists we truly are.


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