Monday, October 14, 2013

Catholic Women's Almanac {CWA No. 10}

Fall is in full swing here in upstate New York, and I'm loving it. Lots of fall family activities to report, as well as my preparations to attend the Catholic New Media Conference this weekend! :0 I do so love this examination of what's been going on in my life as well as a look toward the week ahead. Check out other almanacs over at Suspicio!

Thanking God for...

My family. I had a wonderful time with them this weekend. We took the kids to a local pumpkin patch/general fall frivolity festival, and had a blast with them. The place we went was over an hour away, in the ski country region of NYS, but it was very worth it. Lots for the kids to do, very reasonably priced, and no overwhelming crowds. And you know how these things go. It all starts out very innocently petting animals in the petting zoo (watch out for the goats, one bit me!) and picking out a pumpkin. Next thing you know, Anne is drinking cider out of a special pumpkin-shaped sippy cup, we have a bag of kettle corn that we're lugging around, Henry is wolfing down a hot dog, we're lost in a corn maze, Anne is riding a little cow cart pulled by a tractor, Henry is shooting corn out of a canon, and you're wondering where the $40 went that you came with. VERY fun.

My trip coming up in 5 days to attend the Catholic New Media Conference and to see my sister and nephews at the same time. I'm very grateful for this opportunity, but I am a *very* nervous flyer. I really flat out don't like to do it, but sometimes you have to do it. If you would, please wing up a prayer for me Friday and next Monday, those are my travel days. And if you don't hear from me again, please pray for the repose of my soul. :0



I just finished the novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Pray More Novenas is going to announce the November novena today!

For safe travel.

For all of those who have requested my prayers, be assured of them, Keep them coming in the comment box!


Anytime I pray a novena, I always contemplate how that novena intention is being answered. Sometimes it's hard to determine, because your intention may have been fairly sweeping and ambitious ("for world peace, we pray to the Lord..."). All the same, I think that we can receive hints about how our prayer is being answered even in situations like that. I prayed the St. Therese novena recently, as well as the Immaculate Heart. For each, I prayed for intentions that I pray about often, that do not have overnight solutions. It's all in the small details, but I feel confident that God heard me and is answering me.

In my Home...

In our quest to try out new recipes and new meats this fall and winter, last night we had my parents over for dinner and we made pot roast. I was nervous, because, well, I've never made a roast before. I'm not a bad cook, but I'm not an adventurous one, to be sure. This was a simple recipe: You size your roast to the number of guests, and pour over top a can of Golden Mushroom Soup and a packet of Beefy Onion soup mix. Cooking time obviously depends on the size of your roast, but around 45 minutes prior to the end, add small red potatoes and carrots into the casserole dish. Let me tell you, this turned out *awesome*. The gravy that resulted tasted amazing and cooked the potatoes and carrots beautifully. A real crowd pleaser, and perfect for a family Sunday dinner.


I finished Shirt of Flame: A Year with St. Therese of Lixieux, by Heather King, for the October edition of Catholic Book Club. This really was a quick read for what amounts to fairly deep spiritual reading. It *really* got my little mind awhirling, and I can't stop thinking about St. Therese now. I'm thinking about downloading The Hidden Face: A Study of St. Therese of Lisieux, by Ida Gorres, to take on my trip. if anybody else has other St. Therese book recommendations, please do leave me a comment. I'm enjoying Heather King so much that I ordered the new booklet Magnificat is offering of her writing, called Holy Days and Gospel Reflections.

In fiction, I'm still reading Saints Preserve Us, A Cozy Mystery (Ronnie Lord Mystery #1), by L.K. Ellwood. This was (and still is!) a Kindle freebie for anybody who is interested. It's based around an English professor whose somewhat distant ancestor is being considered for canonization.When the Blessed's body is stolen from a local cemetery, and a cemetery worker murdered in the process, a mystery abounds. This book is full of rather stereotypical characters, but the story is fun and interesting, and I've been enjoying it in the evenings. I see that there is a sequel in this series, called Pray for Us Sinners, available for 99 cents.


I've been working on my Jesse Tree swap contribution, the lamb, all week. I need to make 30, and as of yesterday, 30 little lamb bodies are awaiting legs, stuffing, and strings. I did get into a rhythm with them, but as you can imagine, when you're mass producing something, quirks happen. Thus, some of the lambs have funny butts from when I was exhausted and not executing my puff stitches in the decrease round quite correctly, but they're still cute all the same.


Yes, that's a pile of lamb bodies. They will get little black legs over the course of the next several nights, and then just need to be stuffed, sewn shut, and strung for hanging!

Have a blessed week, everybody!


  1. I hope that I get a funny but lamb. I think that will be hilarious. Honestly, Tiff...these look really, really great! I say you make a bigger one just for Anne!

    I will pray for you especially on the days of your travel - but you knew that!

    1. Thank you, thank you!! I cherish you so much!

    2. Wow! So very beautiful! I love them! :)
      Since I have the privilege of doing the sorting, I'm definitely choosing a funny butt lamb for our set (which is going into Elyse's hope chest.) :)

    3. Ha, ha! I'm hoping to ship them to you by the end of the week!

  2. I peeked (I'm part of Michelle's swap, too!). They look so cute!!!

    Congrats on the pot roast (I love pot roasts, myself, simply because they're so easy and I, like yourself, am not the most amazing chef ever).

    Yay for pumpkin fields and family time. A great reminder to be thankful for those very things, myself. :)

    Best wishes on the completion of those lamb legs. ;)


    1. Thanks for reading, Gina! The legs are done, and lambs now stuffed with butts sewn shut, lol. Can't wait for you to get your lamb!

    2. I'm looking forward to it, too! :)

  3. The ornament swap looks so much fun! The roast sounds like a yummy meal to come home to after Mass, MMmmm. I have wondered about the Shirt of Flame book, I may need to go buy it now after your recommendation.

    1. Oh you should! I really liked it. It inspired me to look at other books that I otherwise would have thought too deep for me to read.


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