Monday, September 9, 2013

Catholic Women's Almanac {CWA No. 5}

It's a long week at work ahead, and I feel sort of floaty, I'm blaming my allergy medication. But I'm hanging in there! I just may fall asleep as I'm typing this post, but we do what we can. Let's look at what is going on with me (including dance highlights from Saturday) and check out the other CWA posts over at Suspicio!

Thanking God for...

My small slice of social media. I have met some wonderful, faith-filled people who support me with their prayers and I'm very grateful.


For all of those who have asked for my prayers, and for peace in our world. I received a call from my lay Dominican chapter to fast on Saturday for the intention of peace, which I did. It made me realize that I should fast between meals a lot more often.


My role as a Catholic mother. What am I doing to instill and nurture faith within my children? We go to Mass, we do special devotions for Advent and Lent, I do spiritual reading with both of them, this translating into a faith that will take root?


I finished The New Wine of Dominican Spirituality: A Drink Called Happiness, by Paul Murray, OP. I will be discussing this book on this blog on September 25th as part of the Catholic Book Club if you'd like to join in reading this!

October and November's books are already listed on the ride sidebar of this blog, take a look at those to see if you'd like to read them. I'm now deciding on December's featured book, which I will reveal when I discuss The New Wine on September 25th. Exciting!

For fiction, I'm still reading The Amish Midwife, by Mindy Starns Clark, part of the Women of Lancaster County series.This is going a bit slow, but has picked up some steam so I'm hoping to finish it this week. My Kindle tells me I'm about 25% of the way through, which seems shocking since I've been reading it for a full week. For Amish aficionados, I see that there are two new compilations due for publication in the next 6 months with some well known contributors, An Amish Miracle, and An Amish Garden. I have preordered An Amish Miracle as well as Beth Wiseman's upcoming stand alone continuation of the Daughters of the Promise series, Plain Peace, both available for Kindle.

In my home...

I'm making meatball sandwiches tonight with my very Italian mother and the kids while Mike teaches. Her recipe for mixing the ground beef is just...fantastic, and I have never been been able to replicate it. I'm hoping that this time something sinks in.


Instead of knitting this week (although I continue to knit; twin sweater #2 is nearly done as are Anne's two-at-a-time socks) I thought I would feature dance in my "creating" category. This Saturday, my dance instructor hosted a "student for student" showcase wherein we could present a solo featuring a technique(s) that we are working on in front of a friendly audience consisting only of other dance students. Since veils are my kryptonite, I created a 3 minute choreography wherein I danced with the veil for the entire piece.

I usually improvise when I dance, but with the veil, dear reader, I was leaving nothing to chance. Improvising means I feel free to move as I like, and having that piece of fabric tucked between my fingers means that my freedom is seriously limited. So I choreographed.

We had spins with the veil in different positions. We had swirls. We had a tuck and drape. We had an envelope. We had cascades. It was lovely. As long as everything went according to plan. *ah hem*

Well, I'm happy to report that it pretty much did. I mean, the audience was small, so that helped my anxiety. But I was still nervous. And let me tell you, if you are planning to dance with your veil, learn from me and do NOT use it as a coverup while you wait to dance. Sweat marks are decidedly *not* what I wanted to see when I pulled the veil free for my big entrance.


But it went great. I remembered my choreography, I didn't slip or otherwise smother while attempting an envelope movement, and the veil did what I wanted it to do without talking back to me.

*gold star*

I'll now consider putting it on my approved prop list for future performances.


Anna's blog over at The Runaway Doctor features a video on Dominicans and their charism to study. I was reading a lot about this The New Wine, so it was a perfect fit!
Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. I can't tell you how bummed I am that I haven't been able to finish this book with you!

    BUMMED! Don't tell me how it ends ;)

    I'll be over for dinner -- let's say 6:30PM?

    I am so glad that you chose to dance with your kryptonite, I've read how tough this is for you. Maybe next time, we get a bigger audience and knock their socks off.

    Cristina @ Filling my Prayer Closet

  2. Oh I know, me too! But you've had SO much going on, it's totally understandable. Make sure to chime in with lots of comments on the 25th. :) And on dinner - I so wish we could actually do this! You're not outrageously far from me, maybe one day we can make this happen. :)

  3. We got some books about Saints.
    And we try to do art projects.
    Christopher goes to WCC (Our Parish's word for CCD). They call it whole community Catechesis.
    Anyway - we all feel like we aren't doing enough.
    But I think if we lead by example it's the most powerful thing.
    Try doing the Family Rosary a few times/week. That is a great tool.


    1. Hi Em!

      I suppose it's human nature to feel like we could always do more. Henry has declared himself "too big" to go to Children's Liturgy, so he stays behind in the pew, for better or for worse. :) I got him a subscription to Magnifikid! so that he can follow along, and he has always liked it, but lately he seems to be off of it a bit and not wanting to use it in Mass. I suppose I should just let things happen and not worry about them so much, right? :)

  4. So jealous that you can knit sweaters and socks... not sure if I'll ever get there, but I'm just happy that I can make dishcloths and scarves!

    1. You'll get there! That's what I used to be knitting too (and still do!). I found that with knitting I'd keep at it and suddenly you find yourself making things slightly more complex, until you find yourself ready to tackle something completely new. One step at a time and next thing you know you're making a sweater. :)


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