Monday, September 16, 2013

Catholic Women's Almanac {CWA No. 6}

 Another fall week here, and interesting things are on the horizon. For those of you crafty ladies out there, please zoom down to my "Planning" segment for a great holiday project! We need lots of interested participants to make this one happen, and value each person willing to throw their hat into the ring! And JoAnn's is having their coupon commotion this week, so...I'm just saying. :) Let's get this party started! (Clearly I've been watching too much Regular Show with Henry. Muscle Man, anybody?)

Thanking God for...

My children. Henry is changing, he's growing up. And with that metamorphosis, Mike and I are also having to change how we interact with and parent him. I often feel bad that Henry is stuck with "the first child syndrome." You know? Meaning, when a child is your first child you have absolutely no idea what you're doing and you make lots of mistakes. He's our guinea pig. We don't anticipate changes coming with him because we don't know to be prepared for them. But it's wonderful seeing your child grow up, and I happily anticipate the young man he will be ten years and more from now.

Anne is also growing before our eyes. She now has a collection of costume jewelry and plastic rosary beads that she carts around and takes on and off throughout the day. She also tucks her pink purse up on her arm and pushes her toy shopping cart around, saying she's "goin' shoppin'!" She requests fresh vegetables from our garden to make this whole shopping trip very realistic. She is absolutely precious.


For peace in our world.

For all of those who have asked for my prayers. Just leave a comment if you'd like me to pray for you.


How to engage Henry in Mass. He's had a subscription to Magnifikid magazine for over a year, and at first he loved it. Now, he won't use it at Mass, gently telling me that he's "embarrassed" to use it. He's not quite 8, so he's still within the target audience for that sort of publication, but I suppose he's getting toward the higher end. I'm contemplating getting him his own permanent missal (because he loves to follow along with the readings, I think he just doesn't want something screams out "kid version!" as loudly as the Magnifikid.) If anybody has a suggestion, I'm all ears. :)


Reading has been going very slowly for me of late, no new fiction to report and I'm caught up with my spiritual reading for next week's Catholic Book Club (see sidebar for details). I have been keeping up with my Magnificat magazine, which is a wonderful way to have regular morning and evening prayer, and stay attuned to the Church calendar.

In my home...

Starting to plan for fall crock pot fever and general cozy cooking. My wonderful husband is going to the store today to procure the fixins' for a ground turkey chili that went over big last time we made it.


I had some yarn-related trauma this weekend. I made sweaters for my twin nephews, which I've posted on here before, as well as a coordinating hat for each of them:

We're happy to soon be gracing some cute heads.
I knit all of these out of superwash merino wool, meaning that (a) this yarn is very soft, and (b) it's been chemically treated so that it will not felt during the machine washing/drying process like traditional wool will. Well.

I'm a bit of a fanatic about keeping my handkknits looking nice and extending their life, so I do prefer hand washing, but for gifts, especially to mothers of twin toddlers, I think we can all agree that machine washing is better, no? So into the machine everything went. I set the dial to cold water delicate cycle, and planned to let everything air dry.

Disaster struck. The dark blue sweater looked fine, but his light blue brother suddenly looked like it would fit a professional wrestler rather than my 20 lb. nephew. It had stretched a TON. I panicked, but realized that the superwash wool that I usually use is for socks, and hence contains nylon. This yarn doesn't. The nylon helps the socks to retain their shape even without machine drying. So I sucked it up, said a prayer, and let the sweaters and hats have a brave, brave journey into the clothes dryer on the low heat setting.

A short time later I went to check on everybody. The hats appeared a bit smaller, which is worrisome. The light blue sweater looks fabulous. But the dark blue sweater...felted. At least partially, it lost a good amount of stitch definition. And this SHOULD NOT HAPPEN WITH SUPERWASH WOOL.

I won't belabor anymore (my husband had to bear the brunt of that yesterday...) but I was devastated. Andrew can still wear the sweater, it's not unusable, but I wanted it to look perfect for him. I won't be buying this particular yarn again. No sir, it's cotton, (nice) acrylic, and regular old NON-superwash wool for me from now on.


 Ok, so, now that I've tortured you all with far more detail about my yarn woes than you'll ever want to know, we have our big moment. I'm am SUPER excited about Michelle's Jesse Tree Ornament Swap over at her blog, Liturgical Time. We need 32 participants to make this work. If you volunteer, you would be responsible for picking an ornament to make, and then making 32 of that particular ornament. You would then ship them to Michelle. Michelle is going to receive everyone's ornaments and create packages of the necessary 32 ornaments to have your very own Jesse Tree. Every volunteer would then receive a package of the 32 different ornaments.

I know 32 sounds a bit daunting, but I'd imagine that after you get a few under your belt you'd find a system that works and be able to roll with it. It would go a lot faster after that. And if you enjoy crafty things, you'd probably enjoy it. :)

I'm planning to participate, and hope you all will too! I've tried to talk a few people into this and have gotten some responses that they aren't crafty and don't feel qualified to participate. I know that I knit and crochet and portray this front that I'm "crafty", but I'll be honest: I'm not. My art teacher was always wringing her hands over me and I've nearly killed myself with hot glue numerous times. But my intentions are good, and with the religious angle, I can't resist. I promise to try and not make you deformed ornaments if you promise to try and do the same; that's more than good enough for me. :)

Speed over to Liturgical Time and leave Michelle a comment if you'd like to participate. :)


Anne in her new two-at-a-time socks. She's also wearing the heart cardigan I knit her. Bonus :)
Have a blessed week everyone! Check out other posts over at Suspicio, and if you'd like to link up, just use the bold titles and away you go. :)


  1. I need a little more info, but I did go to Michelle's Blog to ask about it.
    Great Almanac. Enjoy your Fall.
    I am jealous here in Hot-Worth (aka Fort Worth).


    1. Oh Emily, I'm so glad! I just asked Michelle for an update on how the project planning was progressing, and I'm hoping to hear more soon as well. :)

  2. Arm twisted. I am in for the Jesse Tree swap!

    1. Oh YAY!!!! Get in touch with Michelle (she's on Facebook too if you don't follow her there already, for Liturgical Time). I'M SO EXCITED!!!


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