Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Catholic Women's Almanac {CWA, No. 2}

It's a beautiful week in late August here, the week before classes start back up at the university I work at. Fall is in the air! There is a lot to be grateful for. Check out the other CWA posts over at Suspicio!

Thanking God for...

 My family, especially my husband. He loves and supports me for who I really am (a passionately Catholic, yarn hoarding belly dancer :)).

My faith. It's not even September, and I'm already anticipating Advent with an excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. I *love* Catholic traditions! And having children to share them with makes it even better.

My friends. Especially the knitters and the dancers. :)


For the new school year. We have Henry in a Catholic school that we really love, but I know that he prefers to be at home and can be anxious about school sometimes. My husband will be teaching four courses this semester (Ethics and Intro. to Philosophy), and I'm hoping that goes well too.

I'm also praying the St. Monica novena (feast: August 27th) for my family and Godchildren to always remain close to Christ and His Church.


How can I enhance my prayer life? I have my daily "usuals" (Magnificat, rosary, novena prayers where applicable, the sacraments although not every day), but really, I can do better.  My faith life is good right now, but I can feel myself becoming a bit complacent. Complacency definitely does not belong in the spiritual life.


The New Wine of Dominican Spirituality: A Drink Called Happiness, by Paul Murray, OP. I will be discussing this book on this blog on September 25th as part of the Catholic Book Club if you'd like to join in reading this! I received my copy over the weekend, and am up to Chapter 2 now. It's quite interesting! It's obviously not the usual lighter spiritual memoir that I ordinarily prefer, but for a more scholarly book, the writing style is quite accessible and it's full of fascinating little Dominican tidbits. For instance, did you know that the Dominicans are one of the few of the major religious orders which has not experienced internal fracture and splintering off? Want to learn more? Do read. :)

In my home...

We have a small vegetable garden, and this year Mike got all ambitious and created a real raised bed for us. I have to say, as a result, our bounty has never been this good. We only planted tomatoes and peppers this year, but our cherry tomato plant is threatening to take over the entire YARD. We have the cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, sweet banana peppers (LOVE these), and bell peppers of the green, yellow and orange variety. The green peppers have all turned out great. The orange and yellow seem to need a lot of coaxing to actually turn their designated color. 


Anne's fall cardigan is nearly done, hopefully I'll have pictures of it (with toddler cutely inside) next week. As soon as the ends are all woven in on that, I'm going to cast on for the two-at-a-time socks, very exciting! I may also make some fast dishcloths since some of ours have seen better days.


I've really been into my dancing lately, and I've started re-watching Season 1 of Project Belly Dance It's very fun! If you enjoy watching dance, you will enjoy watching this, especially Season 1 (which I liked better than Season 2). It's a nice opportunity to see all different styles and interpretations of Middle Eastern dance. Everybody brings something different to it, it's lovely to see.


Speaking of belly dance...

Here's my troupe "inconspicuously" making our way to the first of two performances on Saturday, looking like a herd of Chiquita Banana ladies with our flower trays.

Have a great week everybody!


  1. Chiquita bananas! I love it! That's exactly what it looks like. The colors are beautiful and thank you for sharing the troupe with us!

    :) Happy CWA!

    1. Hee, hee. :) It was a happy moment!

  2. How cool that you Belly Dance!
    I will pray that the school year goes well for your son.


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