Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Catholic Women's Almanac {CWA, No. 1)

I found this lovely linkup via Cristina's blog (which you'll see linked) hosted at Suspicio. Since I always love a good linkup, I thought I would butt in and participate. :) And an almanac? Seriously, how could I not? It's a collection of glimpses into the lives of other Catholic women, and so here you have mine!

Thanking God for...

My imperfect and happy life.

The fact that fall is coming...SOON! The campus is brimming with activity and new decorations. I work at a public university, so you know, money is tight. But when coordinating new duct tape goes up over the tears in the carpet, you know the students are coming back soon! We plan to take advantage of some of the fun fall activities around here this year, and with Anne being older, we think everybody will enjoy them this year. Pumpkin farms and apple picking, here we come!

My belly dance group. Last Friday we attempted to take a group picture of our heads all together in a circle for the web site ("Is that your hair? sorry!!" "Ok, I need the entire group to scooch carefully this way. Hum. Nope, scooch back." "I think my head is bigger than yours, am I blocking you?!"). Let's just say that hilarity ensued. I'm so, SO grateful for these women that I get together with every Friday evening to dance, to laugh, and to share our trials and tribulations with.


 For all children who need homes to be adopted. On Saturday, my hairdresser was trimming my hair and we were talking about a woman who had just been in the salon with her little girl that she adopted from China. Soon, I was getting details about orphanages and little children left neglected in cribs for days at a time, with shaved heads so that hygiene was less of a factor. I'm sure you'll be unsurprised to learn that I started crying right there in the salon, and so did my hairdresser.

This lead to the following exchange:

*Mike opens door*

"Hi Sweetie! How did it go?"


*Mike arches eyebrow due to lack of context*

*Tiffany starts crying again*


Is my faith life moving forward, or is it remaining stagnant? I remember reading once that a person's relationship with God is either moving forward or backward, there is no staying the same. So stagnation is a decided negative. I do think I'm feeling a bit stagnant. Heading to confession after work today to jump start things again.


Christian suspense. Cape Refuge, by Terri Blackstone.  A really good thriller set on a barrier island off the coast of Georgia, and I think I downloaded this for free when it was on the Inspired Reads list one day. This is book 1 of a four book series, and I see that right now books 1 and 2 are packaged together for $1.99 for Kindle here. This first book is about the murder of a couple who own and run a church and home for former prisoners trying to turn their lives around.


My dilly beans are still marinating in their canister on the counter and I'm kind of afraid to open it and actually go IN there. It's looking a bit murky. I'm not a bad cook, but anything involving canning I have no experience in. Will report in on this later. :)


Knitting a Tulips baby cardigan for Anne in fall colors. 

I just finished crocheting a tweed ripple scarf for my mother-in-law in burgundy and black.

Next up: my first attempt at knitting socks two-at-a-time. Doesn't "two-at-a-time" just sound so nice and...fast? Christmas is coming people, we're on a timeline! Given my recent disastrous foray into argyle socks, I'm hoping that this will go well.


One of my very favorite Etsy shops, unbreakablerosaries, for a new rosary bracelet in Dominican colors. Score! Carm made it at my request (I grabbed mine this morning), but there is another listing up for any other Dominican fans. :)


Aforementioned tweed scarf :)

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  1. Yess! You did it! This is great!!! I have my fave Etsy rosary shop too! If you need help with canning...head on over to Suscipio, they are canning queens. If by queen, that means better than anything I could ever do with detailed in instructions, they be it! I love Fall. We were just on a walk yesterday and talking about the air change when Fall comes. It feels like there's little ice crystals in the air when you breathe. Almost as if the air is going to break. My husband and I love the Fall! Confession...love that.
    P.S. Had to log in with my Google account, wouldn't take my WordPress login :(

  2. Lovely is just the most appropriate word for this linkup, it's such a great idea! I will check out the canning help, I really need it, lol.

  3. Welcome! I'm glad you joined us!

    I am a beginner crocheter. Your scarf looks lovely. I'm slowly working on a blanket for my husband hopefully to be completed by our anniversary in September.

    I am also a new canner. Let me know how your beans turn out. I've stuck to jelly, pickles and relishes.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I hope to participate again. :) I'm a little anxious about the beans and will report in soon. :)

  4. Hiya. Welcome to the gang.
    I love that you can Knit.
    And good luck on the Chinese Adoptions.
    Read Kisses from Katie, and check out Amazima.
    There are millions of African children who need adoption. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks Emily! Hope to see you again. :)

  5. "Confession to jump start things again" -- what a beautiful thought! I will share that with my children; thank you!

    Thanks, too, for the tip on the Camp Refuge series. I always look out for book recommendations from lady Catholic bloggers.

    Have a good weekend!


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